Who is Barbara Tausia, Nicolas Anelka’s Wife?

Netflix’s ‘Anelka: Misunderstood’ focuses on the prolific career, but controversial personality, of French footballer Nicolas Anelka. However, through several hurdles, Anelka has maintained that his wife has been there to support him. In a touching moment, the star outlines how one’s partner is supposed to be their friend. Anelka notes that his wife shares a bond of strong friendship, which forms the basis of their relationship. So, who is Nicolas Anelka’s wife?

Who is Nicolas Anelka’s Wife?

Barbara Anelka Tausia is married to Nicolas. The dancer, and choreographer, was born in Charleroi, Belgium, on July 8, 1977. Aged 43, she is two years older than Nicolas and has followed him around Europe every time he’s changed clubs. Tausia spoke about their early days of romance, saying that she was incredibly into her dance, and Nicolas was dedicated to the sport. Since she was with him when he was caught in the legal battle between PSG and Arsenal, she remembers how the journalists would be parked outside Anelka’s house. Though Barbara didn’t quite understand what was going on exactly, she still extended her support to Nicolas.

Notably, Barbara grew up in Belgium and only moved to Paris for her dance career. She met Nicolas – affectionately called Nico, there – and the couple got married in Marrakesh, Morocco, on June 9, 2007. They’ve been married for around 13 years now and have two sons and a daughter – Kais, Kahil, and Lina.

As for her career, Barbara started as a vocal artist, performing with MC Solaar, the French hip hop singer. She’s contributed to tracks like “La La, La La” on his album Cinquième As. 2003 was a good year for Tausia, who was named as the singer of Eu4ya, the Italian dance band. She released a cover of Ricchi e Poveri’s ‘Sarà perchè ti amo,’ and followed it up with a cover of Steam’s ‘Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye’ in 2004. Eventually, Barbara gained acclaim as a dancer on a famous French television show.

By 2006, Barbara decided to get into the world of business, where she quickly attained a degree of success due to her and Anelka’s prior connections. She founded Between, a public relations company, along with her partner and has several clients like Adidas, Sony Ericsson, Quick, Reebok, and Paris Saint Germain, Anelka’s first club. Barbara’s company also represents American talents like Jay-Z, P. Diddy, and Timbaland. Obviously, Barbara, through the agency, also handles Nico’s press and public relations.

Anelka’s wife does not have a strong social media presence, so we don’t have the exact latest updates on her. However, she remains happily married to Anelka. As someone who knows Nicolas intimately, Barbara Tausia has spoken about how often he’s been misunderstood while expressing relief that their children were too young during some of the fiercest controversies that beleaguered Anelka’s career. Ultimately, she’s been a pillar supporting Anelka, while excelling in her professional sphere at the same time. Reports suggest that the Anelka family is currently based out of London.

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