Who Is Caroline Warner on Yellowstone? What Does She Want From Beth?

The trick to keeping any show fresh is introducing new and compelling characters who have an unexpected impact on the narrative. ‘Yellowstone‘ has constantly proved itself capable of doing just that, and season 4 is no exception. Among the new additions of the fourth installment is a mysterious new corporate mogul Caroline Warner.

As of the fourth episode, her presence in the town has left viewers, and Beth baffled at her impressive business strategies. So who is Caroline Warner, and what’s her business with Beth? If you are curious to find out the answers to these questions, here’s everything you need to know!

Who Is Caroline Warner on Yellowstone?

Caroline Warner is first introduced in the second episode of ‘Yellowstone’ season 4 titled ‘Phantom Pain’ with actress Jacki Weaver (‘Penguin Bloom‘) essaying the role. She is the CEO of Market Equities, a wealthy but shady business organization intent on buying land in Montana and creating a string of projects for their profit. Caroline arrives in town as the replacement for the former Market Equities CEO Willa Hayes, who was fired from the position. She is overseeing the airport construction on the land she leased from Jamie, among other activities of Market Equities in the Montana region.

In the second episode, she makes a deal with Chief Rainwater to allow the airport construction to proceed without trouble while Rainwater’s casino continues to bloom. Caroline handles the situation with exceptional directness and transparency in stark contrast to her predecessor. She has the seemingly unending supply of Market Equities’ resources and their deep pockets at her disposal. Therefore, it is safe to say that she is a force to be reckoned with and could prove to be a thorn in the Dutton family’s side.

What Does Caroline Want From Beth?

In the fourth episode of season 4, titled ‘Winning or Learning,’ Caroline meets Beth. First and foremost, in the third season, we see Beth wrestling back some control from Market Equities. She successfully sends their stock price for a nosedive and also plants incriminating documents that lead to the dismissal of Hayes. Therefore, it is no surprise that Caroline is looking to contend with Beth, who is arguably the fiercest Dutton family member.

During the meeting, Caroline reveals that she actually wants to purchase the land trust beth created for the Yellowstone Ranch under Schwartz & Meyer. Beth is quick to thwart the offer, but Caroline threatens Beth with action against her insider trading and market manipulation activities during her time at Schwartz and Meyer. Caroline herself presents Beth with a solution by offering her a job with Market Equities. Beth makes a counter-offer which Caroline cannot accept by asking for control of Schwartz & Meyer.

Although they do not reach an agreement, it is clear that Caroline isn’t one to mince words. She means business and is easily able to ground the usually aggressive Beth during their meeting. Caroline’s larger goal is the same as her predecessor’s: to create an entire city in the Bozeman area by developing various businesses and making the place a hot spot. How Beth can contribute to this plan remains to be seen, but Caroline believes she can be a valuable asset to Market Equities.

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