Who is Chad’s Father in Glamorous? Theories

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Netflix’s ‘Glamorous’ is set in the makeup industry, where the titular company tries to keep itself afloat amid all the chaos and challenges. Created and owned by Madolyn Addison, Glamorous has become a leading name in beauty care products due to the quality products they provide their customers. However, Madolyn realizes that they are losing touch with their audience, and this search leads her to Marco Meija. Madolyn sees Marco’s potential and hires him as her second assistant.

Marco’s arrival marks a breath of fresh air in the company. While most people appreciate his vivacity and new ideas, Madolyn’s son, Chad, is not so happy about it. Chad handles the sales and accounts of the company, and when Marco threatens a deal that could change everything for Glamorous, conflict arises. A look into Chad’s background reveals why he is so hell-bent on being in his mother’s good books. The mystery surrounding his father answers a lot of those questions. Here’s all you need to know about the character who is not named in ‘Glamorous.’ SPOILERS AHEAD

Who is Chad’s Father?

One of the things that makes Madolyn Addison an inspirational figure is that she is a self-made woman. After having a successful career as a supermodel, Madolyn turned to makeup and created her own brand. She did it all alone while raising her son, Chad. Being a model, she knew how the challenges she was up against. When Marco asks her why she did it, she says it was because no one thought she could. She had to fight the prejudice and lack of support, apart from the financial, legal, and other struggles that usually come with starting a new business.

Since childhood, Chad saw his mother do all these things while also being there for him. He developed a deep love and respect for her, and for the rest of his life, he became determined to do whatever his mother required of him. After graduating from an Ivy League college, he could have chosen a path for himself. But when his mother called him to handle the business, he jumped into it, even when he knew nothing about business.

One of the reasons behind Chad’s unwavering devotion to his mother is that she raised him alone. His father went out of the picture when he discovered that Madolyn was pregnant with Chad. Since then, the father has been thrown into the background of their lives, and they rarely discuss him. However, throughout the season, several hints are dropped about the identity of Chad’s father.

Image Credits: Amanda Matlovich/Netflix

We know his last name is Hayes, as confirmed by his jersey hanging in Chad’s office. The jersey also shows that he was a sportsman. In the final scene, when he arrives at Glamorous, we see him wearing a Young MVP ring, which means he is a well-known figure and enjoyed an illustrious career as a sportsperson. Another detail is dropped when Marco asks Chad about “Nebraska” in Madolyn’s schedule. Chad reveals this is the codeword for whenever his father is in town. The choice of words could reflect Chad’s father’s home state.

Hayes goes unmentioned all this while in ‘Glamorous’ because the relations between him and Madolyn are not good. We don’t know the entire story, but we know that Hayes didn’t stick around when Madolyn revealed she was pregnant. He maintained his distance and left her to raise their son alone. It is possible that he came into the picture to be with his son, but it did nothing to make Chad love or respect him as he loves and respects his mother.

The situation between Hayes and Madolyn is so fraught that their assistants keep them away from each other. Hayes doesn’t live in New York, so it’s easy to maintain that distance. But whenever he is in town, his assistants let Madolyn’s assistants know so they can plan ahead and stop their bosses from crossing paths with each other. They know that their meeting will lead to conflict, which will not end up well for anyone. It is an unspoken rule between all of them, but Hayes breaks it at the end of ‘Glamorous’ Season 1. Why he decided to meet Madolyn after all these years remains to be seen, but from how Chad reacted, it can’t be anything good.

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