Who Is Debbie in Windfall? Is the CEO Husband Cheating on His Wife?

‘Windfall’ is a psychological thriller film that exclusively revolves around three characters. Their real names aren’t given. Instead, we know them as CEO/Husband (Jesse Plemons), Nobody (Jason Segel), and Wife (Lily Collins). The CEO and Wife arrive at their scenic California vacation home and encounter Nobody, who is there to commit petty theft.

Initially, Nobody leaves with some cash and valuables, but after discovering that he has been recorded, he demands enough money to set him for life. CEO is a tech billionaire, so he definitely has the resources to arrange that. At first, Nobody asks for $150,000, but both the CEO and the Wife think it’s too little. They eventually agree on $500,000, and the CEO subsequently contacts his secretary April to get the money from the bank.

In the course of the film, the marriage between the CEO and the Wife collapses as proverbial skeletons start to come out of the closet. Debbie is first mentioned during the video conference between the CEO and April. Here is what you need to know about her. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who Is Debbie in Windfall?

While $500,000 might not be much for a multi-billionaire like the CEO, moving that much money without raising suspicion is still tricky. No one, including April, can find out why he needs the money. So, the CEO mentions Debbie, a woman to whom he has clearly made some payments in the past. He lies that Debbie has returned and instructs April to arrange the money. Debbie is evidently a woman with whom he had an affair. He paid her to make her discreetly disappear from his life and even had her sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Is the CEO / Husband Cheating on His Wife?

Yes, the CEO is cheating on his wife. During her conversation with Nobody, the Wife reveals that she knows about Debbie. She even implies there have been other women. They also were probably removed from the CEO’s life with payments and NDAs. This drives home the point that the Wife feels trapped in a horrendous relationship. She married the CEO because it allowed her to do things that she wouldn’t have otherwise. And that isn’t restricted to her charity work. Her overall quality of life improved as well. However, she now has become virtually a trophy wife, stuck in a situation from which she can’t afford to get out.

That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t intend to. The CEO wants children, but Wife doesn’t, knowing that sharing a child with the CEO will irreversibly bind her to him. And that’s why she has birth control pills in her purse. Ultimately, her current predicament provides her with the solution she desperately needs. She kills both Nobody and her husband and implicates the former for the murder of the latter while indicating that she killed Nobody in self-defense. If her plans work and she convinces the authorities of her innocence, she can potentially be a multi-billionaire.

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