Who is Dr. Tabitha Edwards in Landscapers? Is She Based on a Real Person?

HBO’s ‘Landscapers’ chronicles the 1998 murders of Patricia and William Wycherley. Co-created by Ed Sinclair and directed by Will Sharpe, the darkly humorous series primarily revolves around the daughter and son-in-law of the Wycherleys — Susan and Christopher Edwards. As the series progresses, the Edwardses’ shocking secrets come to light through flashbacks and police interrogation.

Known for being introverted and mild-mannered, Susan and Christopher, just like Patricia and William, do not have many friends or acquaintances. Thus, the few people involved in the Edwardses’ pasts immediately draw our attention. One of them is Dr. Tabitha Edwards; we encounter her for the first time in episode 1. Later, in episode 3, we see her talking to DC Paul Wilkie. So, who is Tabitha? Is she based on a real-life figure? And what does she tell the police about Christopher? Don’t worry, we’ve got the answers you seek. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is Dr. Tabitha Edwards in Landscapers? Is She Based on a Real Person?

Dr. Tabitha Edwards is Christopher Edwards’ stepmother. In the very first episode, we see a distressed Christopher calling Tabitha from a public phone booth somewhere in Lille, France. This is right after his terrible interview, which makes it apparent that he’s unlikely to get the job. We also know that the Edwardses are broke to the point where they struggle to buy everyday groceries, have numerous pending bills, and are facing a mountain of debt.

On the phone, Christopher requests financial assistance from Tabitha. We realize, from his panicky demeanor, that he ends up telling his stepmother about the Wycherleys’ deaths — he informs her, offscreen, that Patricia shot Williams and that Susan shot her mother after being “provoked.” This is the same story that the Edwardses later tell the police to maintain their innocence. Claiming that what happened is “not what it seems,” Christopher goes on to explain his role in the Wycherleys’ deaths. He begs Tabitha not to reach out to the police.

After speaking to Christopher, Tabitha, whose face we don’t get to see at this point, immediately contacts the police and gives them all the information her stepson revealed to her. She tells the authorities that Christopher buried his in-laws in their own garden in their Mansfield home 15 years ago and also points out that he’s in hiding with his wife in France.

Later, when Christopher, unaware of Tabitha’s betrayal, returns home, he lightly asks Susan whether they can reach out to his stepmother for financial help. Susan immediately and forcefully rejects the idea, highlighting how no one is or should be aware of their current whereabouts or past crimes. When Christopher insists that Tabitha counts as family, Susan reiterates that they cannot rely on or trust anyone but themselves.

If you were wondering whether Tabitha is based on a real person, the answer is yes. Dr. Tabitha Edwards is the fictional version of Elizabeth Edwards, Christopher’s real-life stepmother. The actual Christopher did phone his stepmother for money and confess to burying the Wycherleys, and Elizabeth did call the police afterward to inform them about his crime.

Elizabeth was in her 80s when she first reached out to the police in 2013. It was former police officer Brian Costello that she spoke to about her stepson. Christopher had not stayed in touch with his stepmother after fleeing to France with Susan and only contacted her because the couple was running dangerously low on funds. Over the phone, Costello asked Elizabeth to give his number to Christopher. The now-retired cop also told her to encourage her stepson to confess to the authorities. Eventually, Christopher reached out to Costello.

After receiving Elizabeth’s call, former Detective Chief Inspector Rob Griffin and the rest of the police department began investigating the Wycherleys’ whereabouts before deciding to dig up the elderly couple’s former Forest Town residence. When they did excavate the back garden, the skeletal remains of the Wycherleys’ (their identities were confirmed later) were found. Thus, the Edwardses’ heinous, ingeniously hidden crime came to light after more than a decade only because Elizabeth decided to go behind Christopher’s back due to her strong moral compass.

What Does Tabitha Edwards Tell the Police About Christopher?

In episode 3 of the show, we see Dr. Tabitha Edwards talking to DC Paul Wilkie about her stepson. She explains how Christopher is “hardworking but not productive,” pointing out that he had the capacity to go to college but chose not to. She then talks about her stepson’s passionate love for his mother and brother, David, whom he never wanted to leave. However, both his mother and brother passed away before their time. Tabitha reveals that the only time she physically held Christopher was when she tried to comfort him after David’s death.

She also reveals that she had met Patricia Wycherley only once in her lifetime and that too during Susan and Christopher’s wedding. Then, she states that Christopher and Susan disappeared into their own world after getting married. When Paul asks Tabitha about Christopher’s frequent use of the word “fragile,” which he uses to describe Susan, the elderly woman reveals that her stepson has always found someone fragile to take care of — his mother, his brother, and then ultimately his wife. One of the last things Tabitha says to Paul is that Christopher is always trying to save someone but never manages to do it.

Thus, it becomes obvious that Christopher has a tendency to fiercely protect the ones he loves, even at great personal cost. He also seems to have a soft spot for those who are weak and have been wronged by the world. Tabitha seems to have a good grasp of her stepson’s personality, despite having not stayed in touch with him for a long time. She also accurately points out how the Edwardses have a fantasy world of their own, which we know allows them to ignore their cruel reality, traumatic past, and heinous crime. The information Tabitha provides makes the police realize that they can get Christopher to reveal the truth by highlighting the danger Susan is in.

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