Who Is Exotic Bird on The Masked Dancer?

Any reality show, which combines the power of entertainment to make its audience put their thinking skills to use, often spells success for itself. Such is the case with Fox’s ‘The Masked Dancer.’ A ‘The Masked Singer’ spin-off, the show also depicts celebrities dressed in flamboyant costumes, eager to let the panel of four judges and the viewers determine the identity of the faces behind the masks.

Here, contestants use a combination of their attractive dancing skills and clues to describe their true selves. One of the most spectacular portrayals of their talents came in the form of a refreshing performance from Exotic Bird. We put our sleuthing skills to use to figure out who the captivating dancer could be.

Clues About Exotic Bird

Exotic Bird was dressed in an ornate bird costume comprising red, blue, purple, and orange feathers and a fiery headdress perched upon her head. Her first clue package opened with her on a race track showing us her competitive side. A glitter gun was fired, and off went the racers. Thereafter, Exotic Bird, holding a perfume bottle, said her career started when she was a teenager, and she won big pretty quickly.

“But it definitely wasn’t easy after that. I felt attacked a lot for losing, for my relationships, even just for being a big bird,” she said, brooding in scenery that had different plants, including large Venus Fly Traps. Exotic Bird continued, “But I’m not going to let those shamers control my life. Win or lose, I will keep flying,” while attempting to cook with eggs from a carton saying “best by 07” and sand.

Following the clue package video, Exotic Bird took to the stage to show off her dance skills to “Con Calma” by Daddy Yankee and Katy Perry, featuring Snow. Exotic Bird’s performance particularly stood out because of the mesmerizing stage setting of cages and fireworks, along with the perfectly rhythmic dance moves. Exotic Bird’s “Word Up!” clue, “scored,” seemed to point the judges and us to think that she could be a professional athlete and someone who is used to the camera.

Guesses About Exotic Bird

Ken Jeong was the first one to guess a name for Exotic Bird, especially based on the glitter gun. He said it could be ‘Glitter’ star Mariah Carey. Other names coming from the judges included Khloe Kardashian, Hope Solo, and Jennifer Hudson. However, it was Ken Jeong’s other guess that had us intrigued. He said that based on the egg carton, which was labeled “best by 07,” it could be a reference to the 2007 Wimbledon, where Venus Williams had emerged victorious.

Moreover, the track and the race all seemingly indicated Exotic Bird could possibly be a sportswoman. The internet seems to agree too. Moreover, we are willing to bet that the “four Olympic gold medals”  entailed in Fox’s teaser for the show hint at Venus Williams as Exotic Bird, who has four gold medals to her name. A Twitter vote conducted by the show’s official Twitter page also shows an inclination towards Venus Williams more than the other two named celebrities.

Another detail that caught our eye was Exotic Bird’s attempts at cooking, where she drops the egg, depicting she might not be all that good at it. Venus Williams has admittedly said she does not cook even though she can. Exotic Bird’s height plays a significant role in the predictions, which is also in line with Venus Williams, who happens to be quite tall. However, these are just guesses. For the definitive answer, we will have to either wait for elimination or for Exotic Bird to win the competition.

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