Who Is Hammerhead on The Masked Dancer?

Bringing back the concept of celebrity contestants in elaborate costumes and gigantic masks covering their real identities, Fox has premiered ‘The Masked Dancer,’ its spin-off series to the popular original reality show, ‘The Masked Singer.’ Here, instead of the celebs singing their hearts out, they’ll be taking to the stage to shake their feathery tails in an attempt to keep the panelists and the viewers on their toes to guess their identities. But for now, even though we don’t have a lot to go off on, with just one episode having aired so far, let’s find out who Hammerhead could be, shall we?

Clues About Hammerhead:

Dressed head to toe in a Hammerhead Shark costume teamed with a flashy gym outfit and a huge gold chain that reads “Hammer Time,” Hammerhead flaunts his gold and silver teeth, along with his massive biceps, as his first clues. He admits to being a bit of a workaholic, a coffee enthusiast, and someone who got famous “almost too quickly.” The get-up assumed by him also hints towards his abilities as a great and skillful swimmer. A clue revealed on Instagram about Hammerhead also stated, “I bought someone I love a car for Christmas and it Jingle Bell ROCKed!”

When Hammerhead took to the stage for the first time to perform on the Backstreet Boys’ epic number, ‘Everybody (Backstreet’s Back),’ the four panelists noted how “athletic” and “buff” the celeb underneath the mask appeared to be and said that he seemed like an “entertainer for sure.” In Hammerhead’s clue package, some of the visuals that stuck out the most were a bullet, a cup of “Joe,” burgers, a painting, a timer, and a gold medal, which, to be honest, made no sense on their own. However, to a great extent, water and swimming were incorporated in the same as well.

In the voice-over, Hammerhead revealed that although fame felt great at first, it quickly “started to feel like my best moments were behind me. I had departed from who I was and then shifted into who I thought everyone wanted me to be. I just realized I wasn’t happy. So now I’m visiting everything I missed out on. By swimming away from what comes easy and swimming toward everything that used to scare me…Now, moving backwards is how I move my life forward.” Then, Hammerhead utilized his time with the voice modifier turned off to say “dramatic.”

Guesses About Hammerhead:

After everything was said and done, panelist Brian Austin Green stated, “Maybe [Hammerhead is] not a trained dancer but [he is] definitely an entertainer.” He added that the celeb beneath the mask might even be Zac Efron, who rose to fame as a teenager with Ashely Tisdale (another panelist) via ‘High School Musical.’ After all, the famed actor is now known for traveling the world, trying adventure sports, and even, literally, swimming with the sharks. Brian also stated that the water references could allude to Zac’s blockbuster movie ‘Baywatch.’

However, Ashley Tisdale shut this down by saying that Hammerhead is not a good enough dancer to be Zac Efron. Paula Abdul, though, went in a completely different direction and guessed Niall Horan or Liam Payne, or perhaps even Joe Jonas, to be Hammerhead, which, we’re not going to lie, seems unlikely. And now, with social media taking over the guessing game, things have gotten very interesting. A few users on Instagram suggest that even though it might be too obvious with the “Jingle Bell ROCKed” clue, Dwayne Johnson could be the man underneath the shark costume, with the water being his ‘Baywatch’ reference.

And others, well, they’ve taken over Twitter to voice their opinions. While one user couldn’t imagine the Irish One Direction singer being on the stage and dancing in such a way, another expressed their “cringe” over watching the show as some of the disguised celebrities tried to dance even though they weren’t good at it. One viewer, though, decided upon who Hammerhead is by tweeting: “The Hammerhead masked dancer is @MichaelPhelps. I will come back to this tweet when all is revealed to claim my detective medal and revel in my investigative skills #TheMaskedDancer.”

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