Who Is Inspiration4’s Jared Isaacman’s Wife? Who Are His Parents?

As a billionaire entrepreneur, aerobatic pilot, and mission commander – as well as the financial backer – of SpaceX’s Resilience Capsule Inspiration4, Jared Isaacman has built a name for himself in both the business and the space industry. As profiled on ‘Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space,’ he dropped out of high school at the age of 15 and has been working since then. Thus, he knows for a fact that apart from hard work and motivation, fate and support are also essential to be genuinely successful. So, here’s what we know about Jared Isaacman’s family and support system.

Jared Isaacman’s Parents

Jared Isaacman was born on February 11, 1983, and grew up essentially in New Jersey with his parents and siblings. The latter includes two brothers Marc and Michael, and sister Tiffany. In his own words, as there’s a pretty notable age gap between him and his elder siblings, Jared was always raised to be independent, which drove him to want more from life, even as a teen. Therefore, when this got combined with him not being a great student per se, according to the Netflix docuseries, Jared dropped out of school and began working, which everyone backed.

In fact, Jared’s father, Donald “Don” Isaacman, was one of his first employees when he established United Bank Card Co. (UBC) at the age of 16. At the time, Don was an expert in the sales department of a home-security firm, yet that was not going well. The Isaacman’s were close to losing their family home when Jared began UBC, so Don credits his son and his ideas for saving them with grace and allowing them to continue following their dreams. Today, while Don is a member of the board of directors at Jared’s Shift4 Payments, Jared’s brother Michael Isaacman is the Chief Commercial Officer.

Jared Isaacman’s Wife and Kids

As for his life partner, Jared is happily married to Monica Isaacman (née Chacana). From what we can tell, she also grew up in New Jersey and attended the same middle school as the now-billionaire businessman, which is how they met and eventually fell in love. Monica was employee number 12 at UBC, later rebranded as Shift4 Payments, following which the couple started planning a future together. According to reports, after being together for more than a decade, they married in early 2012.

Subsequently, the couple welcomed two adorable daughters into their lives. Not much about their younger daughter, Liv, is known, but their elder, Mila, was born in 2014. Despite the fact that the Isaacman’s prefer to lead a relatively private life, in Netflix’s ‘Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space,’ Monica didn’t shy away from conceding that although she’s always known that her husband calculates the risks before undertaking an adventure, it does not stop her from worrying.

Monica is the one individual who understands his passions and goals in life, which is why she never hinders him from doing anything. Yet, because they now have a family and a different set of responsibilities, her fears and anxiety do tend to come out sometimes. With that said, Jared himself admits that he’s a family man first. Moreover, one of the most beautiful things in their relationship is their ability to have honest conversations.

Just like Monica sees Jared, he sees her as well, and that’s why they still work. Even two decades and two kids later, the couple seems to be as deeply in love as they were before. It appears as if Monica used to serve in the risk management division at her husband’s corporation but is dedicating most of her time to her family today. Unfortunately, all her social media accounts are set on private as of writing, so we do not know much else about her.

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