Who is Kate Sharma’s Father? What Happened to Her Real Mother?

Bridgerton‘ season 2 introduces the intriguing Sharma family who, apart from turning the Viscount Anthony Bridgerton’s world upside down, also come from an intriguing backstory. Though the Sharma sisters, Kate and Edwina, are new to the Ton, their mother, Lady Mary Sharma, seems to have caused quite a stir in London high society back in the day.

The most complex of all is the background of Kate Sharma, who, it is revealed, is Edwina’s half-sister. Understanding where Kate comes from also sheds light on her motives for finding her sister the perfect suitor while remaining a spinster herself. Here’s everything you need to know about Kate Sharma’s birth parents and where they are now. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is Kate Sharma’s Father?

Kate and Edwina hail from India, where their mother, Mary Sharma, moved to when she was a young woman. As guests of Lady Danbury, the Sharmas are introduced to the Queen, who, with surprising disdain, shirks the introduction. It is eventually revealed that Mary (who hails from the illustrious Sheffield family) was picked as the season’s diamond many years ago, but instead of marrying the Queen’s arranged suitor, she decided to run away to India. Thus, you can imagine the Queen’s exasperation when Mary’s daughter, Edwina, once again lays waste to the royal plans by leaving Anthony at the altar.

Though not much is known about Mary’s life in India, she is said to have married a “commoner” who was already with child. This commoner, whose first name remains undisclosed on the show, is a “Mr. Sharma,” and the child that he already had was, as you might have guessed, Kate. Thus, Mary Sheffield married Mr. Sharma, the latter being a clerk for the Maharajah in Bombay, and the two subsequently had Kate’s half-sister, Edwina.

Kate’s father, affectionately referred to as “Appa,” is revealed to have passed away at some point. Following his death, Lord and Lady Sheffield offered to make a trust fund in Kate’s name and take care of Mary (having initially abandoned their daughter after she “embarrassed” them by defying the Queen’s match). However, the Sheffields’ offer only stood if Edwina were to marry a man of English high society. On the other hand, Kate is never truly accepted by the Sheffields as family.

What Happened to Kate Sharma’s Real Mother?

There is even less known about Kate Sharma’s mother than about her father, the former having passed away before the latter married Mary Sheffield. All that remains of Kate’s biological mother is a pair of ornate bangles that the elder sister offers to Edwina on her (ill-fated) wedding day. However, Edwina eventually decides not to accept them, saying that the pieces rightfully belong to Kate.

Kate’s parentage deeply informs her character and possibly gives her a bit of imposter’s syndrome, which is why she is so averse to marrying into English high society. Her plan from the start is to return to India as soon as her sister’s engagement is finalized, and even when her attraction to Anthony is clear and accepted by both families, Kate still remains apprehensive about truly committing to him. Interestingly, Kate is seemingly the opposite of the “ideal lady” that Anthony is looking for at the beginning of season 2, but it is seemingly that very aspect of her (as well as her headstrong self-sufficiency) that eventually draws him so strongly to her.

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