Who is Mario in Two? Is He Dead or Alive?

Netflix’s ‘Two’ (original title: ‘Dos’) is a Spanish horror film that follows the twisted tale of two strangers who wake up to find that they have been sewn together. As they try to make sense of the bizarre situation they are in, clues begin to fall in place, and soon they suspect a man named Mario to be responsible for their state. However, the enigmatic Mario remains unseen for most of the movie, even as his role in the events that unfold seems to get bigger. So who exactly is Mario in ‘Two,’ and is he dead or alive at the end of the movie? Let’s find out. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is Mario?

Mario is revealed to be Sara’s possessive husband, who she thinks is responsible for kidnapping and stitching together her and David. After initially mentioning that her husband suspects her of cheating on him, Sara gets progressively more hysterical as she becomes more and more certain that Mario is behind the bizarre attack. Her suspicions are reinforced when the phone inside their room rings and the song she hears on it happens to be Mario’s favorite song.

From how he is described, Mario seems to be a highly educated intellectual who also has a hot temper. He is apparently obsessed with all things related to the number “2” and has studied the nature of duality that is found in countless aspects of the world (male-female, light-dark, and the like). Though Mario is not the one found to be torturing David and Sara, the real perpetrator turns out to be a fan of Mario’s teachings. Applying the alleged power of “2” to the formerly conjoined twins, the film’s antagonist stitches David and Sara together, hoping they will be stronger as “2.” Interestingly, Mario remains unseen for the length of the movie.

Is Mario Dead or Alive?

As stated earlier, Mario actually does not make an appearance in the film. In fact, even when a call seems to be from him, it is eventually revealed that the man speaking is not Mario. Therefore, Mario’s involvement in the whole grisly affair remains unconfirmed.

However, the man who abducts David and Sara and stitches them together is found disguised as Mario. David recalls being approached by the very same man in disguise, and Sara also realizes that it is not her husband who is behind the crimes. Since they are able to easily overpower their captor and eventually end up shooting him in the head, it is not Mario but actually the man disguised as him who is killed in the end.

This stranger, whose name is Oscar, briefly describes himself as Sara and David’s father. However, they do not seem to believe him, and the older man is killed soon after. Thus, Mario remains alive at the end of the film while the man disguised as Mario is shot and killed.

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