Who Is Not Returning for The Afterparty Season 2?

Apple TV+’s ‘The Afterparty‘ is a comedy anthology television series created by Christopher Miller, which returns with a second installment packed with new characters, mysteries, and twists. The second season comes with a change of scenery and follows Aniq, Zoe, and Detective Danner as they try to solve another murder mystery, this time of a groom’s death on the morning after his wedding. With a bunch of new characters introduced in season 2, viewers must be curious to learn which cast members from the first installment will not return. In that case, here are the major players from ‘The Afterparty’ season 1 who will be absent from the sophomore outing! SPOILERS AHEAD!

6. Ilana Glazer (Chelsea)

In season 1, actress Ilana Glazer plays the role of Chelsea. She is best known for her work as Ilana Wexler in the comedy-drama series ‘Broad City,’ which she also co-created. Glazer is also known for voicing Penny in ‘BoJack Horseman.’ Glazer’s Chelsea is an important character in season 1, and she was a high school classmate of Xavier, who she blamed for her ostracization by the whole school. After Xavier’s death during the afterparty of their high school reunion, Chelesea becomes a suspect in the case. However, she is eventually cleared of suspicions. Ilana Glazer will not be returning for the second season. She is expected to appear in director Pamela Adlon’s yet-untitled feature film.

5. Jamie Demetriou (Walt)

Season 1 features actor Jamie Demetriou as Walt, a partygoer who no one remembers. He plays an almost identical role in everyone’s narration of the events leading up to Xavier’s death. Demetriou is best known for playing Bus Rodent in ‘Fleabag.’ He also gained popularity for creating, co-writing, and starring in the British sitcom ‘Stath Lets Flats.’ Demetriou is not expected to reprise his role for season 2. However, he is set to feature in plenty of projects, including director Greta Gerwig’s ‘Barbie,’ and his own comedy special titled ‘A Whole Lifetime with Jamie Demetriou.’

4. John Early (Detective Culp)

In season 1, actor John Early plays Detective Culp, Danner’s goofy partner, appearing in a recurring capacity. Early is best known for essaying the role of Elliott Goss in the dark comedy series ‘Search Party.’ He also voices Barry Allen/The Flash in the 2022 animated film ‘DC League of Super-Pets.’ However, since Danner quits her job as a police detective between seasons 1 and 2, Early’s character has seemingly been written off the show. His comedy special ‘ John Early: Now More Than Ever’ is set to release on HBO in 2023.

3. Dave Franco (Xavier)

Dave Franco plays Xavier, a singer-turned-actor who is the main victim of the first season’s murder mystery. Franco rose to fame with his supporting role as Jack Wilder in the 2012 heist film ‘Now You See Me’ and its sequel. His other credits include movies such as ‘6 Underground,’ ‘Day Shift,’ and ‘If Beale Street Could Talk.’ Since his character is already dead in season 1, Franco does not reprise his role in season 2. However, his face is seen on a prospective book cover in the first episode of season 2. He is next expected to appear in the romantic thriller movie ‘Love Lies Bleeding.’

2. Ike Barinholtz (Brett)

In season 1, actor Ike Barinholtz’s Brett is one of the prime suspects in the murder of Xavier. He is the husband of Zoe, but the couple splits by the season’s end. Therefore, it makes sense that Barinholtz does not reprise his role in season 2 despite his character being cleared of suspicion at the end of season 1. Barinholtz is best known for his performance as Morgan Tookers in ‘The Mindy Project.’ He also voices Muscleman in the animated series ‘The Awesomes.’ Barinholtz plays Jeb Stuart Magruder in the 2023 HBO miniseries ‘White House Plumbers.’

1. Ben Schwartz (Yasper Lennov)

In season 1, Ben Schwartz plays Yasper Lennov, a former classmate and band member of Xavier. Schwartz rose to prominence by playing Jean-Ralphio Saperstein on the NBC sitcom ‘Parks and Recreation.’ He also appears as F. Tony Scarapiducci in the short-lived Netflix comedy series ‘Space Force.’ Considering that Schwartz’s Yasper is revealed as the culprit at the end of season 1, it is no surprise that he does not reprise his role in season 2. Schwartz voices the titular character in the ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ live-action franchise and is expected to reprise the role in the upcoming threequel.

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