Who is Rain Brown?

Discovery Channel’s hit docu-series about one of the most interesting families in the United States ‘Alaskan Bush People‘ centers around the life of the Brown family, headed by parents Billy and Ami, and their seven children. The Brown clan likes to describe themselves as a wolf pack and they used to live completely off the land, in the remote wilderness of Alaska where there was no one else for miles around apart from their own group.

Following their off the grid lifestyle, mom Ami Brown homeschooled all her seven children. They all grew up learning to fend for themselves in extreme nature. The youngest of the Brown siblings is Merry Christmas Kathryn Raindrop Brown, or as she is more popularly known – Rain Brown. Here is everything we know about her.

Rain Brown: Age and Where is She From?

Rain grew up surrounded by her big family, in the remote wilderness near Hoonah, Alaska. She was born in November 2002 and is now about to be 18 years old. Being the youngest of seven, Rain was always the pampered child and had all her family members wrapped around her little fingers as a baby. But instead of growing up a spoiled brat, Rain is kind and generous of nature.

Rain Brown: Her Alaskan Bush People Journey

She was only 11 years old when the show started filming and fans have seen her grow and evolve right in front of their eyes. We got to see Rain go through her awkward teenage years. She had to undergo some major changes in life at a young age when, due to her mom’s cancer and subsequent treatment, her family had to give up the only home they’d ever known and relocate to Washington state (near Palmer Lake).

Between the ages of 15 to 17, Rain went through depression. She has always been very vocal about her mental health and encourages other people to talk about their issues as well. The uprooting of her family and her mother’s cancer was apparently very hard on Rain, and she struggled mentally through all of it. She has only recently started to gain back her composure and is in the process of working through her issues.

Since a very young age, Rain has enjoyed reading books and loves watching scary movies. She also loves cooking and hiking in the woods, but most of all, spending time with her family and her pet dogs. Rain is very supportive of her siblings, but she doesn’t always see eye to eye with her elder sister Birdy. She also recently snubbed her eldest brother Matt in an Instagram post about siblings, though the details of any falling out are unknown. Apparently, Rain cannot wait to turn 18 and get out of the family house and live in a place of her own. Rain is quite religious in her faith and believes in the power of God.

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