Who Is Sturmhond in Shadow and Bone?

Image Credit: Dávid Lukács/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Shadow and Bone’ takes place in a world where people with special abilities exist. Called the Grisha, they can control a matter at its most fundamental level. What they do is not necessarily magic. In the world of ‘Shadow and Bone,’ the Grisha tap into what is known as Small Science.

Portrayed by Patrick Gibson, Sturmhond is introduced in the second season of ‘Shadow and Bone.’ After returning to Ketterdam, the Crows discover that they are wanted criminals charged with, among other things —- the murder of  Tante Heleen, the owner of the brothel known as the Menagerie. They visit Dreesen, the supposedly wealthy merchant who hired them to bring the Sun Summoner to him. Kaz Brekker (Freddy Carter) quickly discovers that Dreesen is not the man in charge. Instead, a man now pretending to be Dreesan’s security has been pulling the strings from the shadows all along. This man is Sturmhond. Here is everything you need to know about him. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Unveiling Sturmhond: The Privateer’s True Identity

Sturmhond is first introduced in the season 2 premiere. Kaz figures out that Dreesen was working for someone when he hired the Crows and gave them one million kruge in advance to capture the Sun Summoner. Impressed, Sturmhond speaks up and tells Dreesan and his lackeys to leave. After they do so, he introduces himself. Jesper, who is with Kaz, recognizes Sturmhond and calls him a rich “pirate.” Sturmhond takes affront to that and declares himself a privateer. Realizing that Sturmhond has figured almost everything out by himself, Kaz tells him that Alina was heading toward the nation of Novyi Zem, hoping that this will allow him to keep the royal jewelry Alina gave him. However, Sturmhond gives him money instead of the jewelry and leaves.

With the First Army after them and a bounty of 20 million kruge on Alina’s head, she and Mal are on the run. They end up boarding an independent ship, not realizing that it belongs to Sturmhond who ensured they would be on his ship by vacating the docks. When Alina learns that he is a privateer and might be after the bounty, she threatens to sink his vessel, prompting him to remind her that they are in the middle of the ocean. If she sinks the ship, they all will die. Eventually, it seems that Alina convinces him to help her hunt down the Sea Whip, the second amplifier created by Ilya Morozova.

The more time Alina and Mal spend in the company of Sturmhond and his crew, the more they come to appreciate who Sturmhond is. His crew comprises both the Grisha and the otkazat’sya (people without powers). He is handsome, charming, and honorable, inspiring near-absolute loyalty from his crew. Initially dismissive of Mal, Sturmhond comes to appreciate him after learning about his tracking skills.

Mal, Alina, Sturmhond, and his crew eventually find the Fire Whip, and Alina reluctantly has to kill the creature to protect Mal. Sturmhond is also a genius innovator. After Alina is infused with the Sea Whip’s scales, her powers significantly increase, and she starts to believe that she can take down the Fold. Sturmhond reveals that a portion of the ship can become airborne and flies it to the Fold.

As Alina triggers her powers, it initially seems that she might succeed, but it soon becomes apparent that she isn’t strong enough, and they need the third amplifier. The volcra attack and the airship Sturmhond named “Hummingbird” has its sail ripped to shreds.

Although the airship crashes, everyone survives. When a regiment of the First Army approaches Alina and the others and asks them to identify themselves, Sturmhond speaks up, asking the Ravkan commander if he really can’t recognize him. This is when it is revealed that Sturmhond is actually Nikolai Lantsov, the second son of King Pyotr the Third. Nikolai had been missing for so long that the Army thought he had died. His crew seems to be aware of his real identity. This also explains why he acquired the royal jewelry from Kaz earlier. Witnessing the entire exchange from the sideline, an infuriated Alina punches Nikolai for lying to her. Toward the end of the season, Nikolai becomes the King of Ravka.

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