Who is the Father of Sara’s Baby in Who Killed Sara Season 3?

Netflix’s ‘Who Killed Sara’ (original title: ‘¿Quién mató a Sara?’) continues its long-running and convoluted mystery in season 3, introducing new characters and some truly spectacular twists. Apart from the addition of the sinister Reinaldo (Jean Reno), who turns out to be a crucial piece of the puzzle, some astonishing details about Sara also surface. Though her pregnancy is revealed in season 2, Alex now gets confirmation that her baby was actually delivered.

The introduction of Sara’s child is one of the biggest twists in a show that essentially moves from one plot twist to the next. In keeping with the show’s complex relationship dynamics, questions arise about who the child’s father is. If you’ve been wondering the same, we’re here to help you untangle who the father of Sara’s baby really is. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is the Father of Sara’s Baby?

When it is first revealed that Sara is pregnant, it seems almost obvious that her boyfriend, Rodolfo, is the father. However, nothing is quite as it seems in the world of ‘Who Killed Sara,’ and soon enough, a few shocking revelations turn everything upside down. For one, Sara is seen having a secret affair with Rodolfo’s father, César Lazcano. This in itself is a dark turn of events and makes it abundantly clear just how self-centered César Lazcano is. It also becomes crucial for the patriarch to hide his affair lest it is revealed and his reputation is tarnished.

However, the secret doesn’t stay under wraps for long, and the Lazcanos’ helper, Elroy, who Mariana occasionally blackmails, tells her about her husband’s affair with the teenaged Sara. To make things even more insidious, Mariana then puts a plan in motion to kill Sara. As part of the scheme, she confronts the young girl and reveals that she knows who the father of the child is, promising to take care of her. However, she then pushes Sara to use the parachute after having told Elroy to sever one of its cords. Therefore, Sara’s child with César becomes Mariana’s motive for wanting the titular character dead.

Another bombshell that drops is when Rodolfo’s wife is revealed to be pregnant. Since Rodolfo has had a vasectomy, it is once again César who turns out to be the father of the child Rodolfo’s wife is carrying.

By the time the birth of Sara’s child is confirmed in season 3, it is clear that César is the father. The child, named Lucia after Sara and Alex’s mother, then makes an appearance as an 18-year-old. Elisa Lazcano is the first one to spot her and quickly realizes that young Lucia is actually her sibling. Meeting Lucia is an especially emotional experience for Rodolfo since the young girl is the spitting image of her mother, Sara, with whom he shared a tragic romance. In his final moments, Rodolfo actually mistakes Lucia to be Sara. However, he also earlier acknowledges that Lucia is his sister. Thus, the Lozcano siblings get an unexpected new member in the form of Lucia.

César is left speechless when he first sees Lucia and subtly acknowledges that she is his daughter soon after. When Nicandro and his men attack them, César beseeches Alex to “save his children,” referring to Elisa and Lucia. In the end, with César in prison, Lucia seems to be in the care of Alex and Elisa. However, it is an open secret that Lucia is César’s daughter.

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