Who is The Great British Bake Off’s Lizzie Acker? Where is She Today?

‘The Great British Bake Off,’ aka ‘The Great British Baking Show,’ is a reality competition series wherein 12 amateur home bakers face off in a range of complex challenges over a period of ten weeks. They simply aim to prove their skills and earn bragging rights for the rest of their lives. However, the best part of this production is the perpetual kindness, compassion, and friendship between the contestants and the judges. Thus, of course, season 12’s Lizzie Acker’s positivity and humor shone through as well. So now, if you’re curious to know more about her, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Lizzie Acker?

At the age of 28, Lizzie Acker is not just a paint shop employee at a global vehicle manufacturer, but she’s also a cake enthusiast. In fact, she has a tattoo literally asking for cake on her inner lips, as seen below. The Liverpool resident has reportedly conceded that baking, in general, is a little personal for her because it’s what she does to get into her comfort zone, especially after busy or stressful times. Lizzie enjoys the entire process, but experimenting with different and delectable flavors instead of the decorative aspect is her preferred style.

As for what Lizzie likes to do apart from baking in her free time, it seems like she loves to dance and watch true-crime shows. The fact that she has a degree in criminology most probably plays a role in her passion for the latter. She hasn’t revealed much about her background or family life, yet we know that she has a partner and an adorable Bedlington Terrier pup called Prudence. Lizzie lovingly describes the curly-haired dog as “50% Lamb impersonator, 35% Attention seeker, 10% Mayhem causer, and 5% Ball thief.” In other words, Lizzie’s life before ‘GBBO’ was pretty wholesome.

Where is Lizzie Acker Now?

Since Lizzie Acker has dyslexia and is on the ADHD spectrum, she never imagined that a book would be something she’d ever be involved with, but that recently changed with the publication of ‘The Great British Bake Off: A Bake for All Seasons.’ On Instagram, the 28-year-old talked about this candidly, writing, “For anyone to see themselves in a book is surreal, but for me, it feels super odd. I am severely dyslexic and on the ADHD spectrum. I don’t read books, so having recipes I came up with in a book is mind blowing,” adding that all these aspects “should be celebrated.”

From what we can tell, Lizzie’s life experiences have only progressed since her appearance on ‘The Great British Bake Off.’ Not only is she continuing to pursue her passion in this creative industry in every way possible with the help of new opportunities, but she has also found some great new friends through the series. She and Freya Cox have even joked about having their own show together. The Scouser has admitted that she was worried about meeting her fellow bakers at one point, but it looks like that panic was entirely needless. And today, we only wish Lizzie the best for all her future endeavors.

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