Who Killed RJ in Kaleidoscope? [Spoiler]

Image Credit: Clifton Prescod/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Kaleidoscope’ lives up to its name and presents a story that is so intriguingly webbed in itself that every episode, no matter what sequence you watch it in, connects to the others in very intelligent plot twists. It follows the story of a man called Ray Vernon who puts together a crew to rob a security company called SLS, owned by Roger Salas, Ray’s old enemy. Ray intends to steal undeclared bearer bonds worth millions from Roger’s vault, ruining him personally as well as professionally. While he’d spent years coming up with the plan, things go wrong the moment the plan is put into motion. Almost all of his crew, including Ray, have to pay a terrible price for their involvement in the heist. While some get what they deserve, there are others like RJ whose deaths are more tragic. If you are wondering what happened to RJ, then we’ve got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Who is Behind the Tragic End of RJ?

The first time we find out that something has happened to RJ is in the aftermath of the heist. Only Ray, Stan, Judy, and Ava make it out of SLS and regroup to ascertain their next move. The mention of RJ brings a touch of concern. Because the bonds are still missing, they wonder if RJ is the one who ran away with them, but then, a much sadder truth about his situation comes to light.

RJ was brought on board by Ray as a getaway driver. While he knew his tech, Ray entrusted him with the task of getting the bonds when they were sent up from the vault and loading them in the truck which they would drive away in. Over time, RJ proves his services invaluable, but because he is the youngest of the bunch, he is generally not taken as seriously. Still, no one bothers him too much and the rest of the crew is generally kind to him, except Bob.

Judy’s hotheaded husband proves to be more trouble than he is worth with every step of the plan. Ray only wanted to include Judy in the heist, but Bob came as an unintended part of the package. Still, he offered to be useful by providing his exceptional services to break into the vault. He also proves useful when the crew needs to go through with a small heist from where they can get money to fund the main heist. But again, during the execution, he shows just how impulsive and unpredictable he can get. It was a red flag that shouldn’t have been ignored because this is what leads to the loss of many lives.

Once Ray and the others have broken into the vaults and Judy has packed up the bonds and sent them to RJ through the elevators, he loads up everything on the truck as he was instructed. While he waits for the others to show up, Bob and Judy come out. It turns out that Bob has had a change of heart, and now, he plans to run away with all of the spoils of the heist. Clearly, Judy is still skeptical about betraying others, but Bob seems to have made up his mind. Before Bob can get on with his plans, RJ steps up to stop him.

Unafraid of RJ, Bob shoves him, but he doesn’t know that before they left for the heist, Judy gave RJ a gun, just in case he needed it to save himself. Done with Bob’s bad treatment of him, RJ shoots him in the back and is about to kill him when Judy shoots him thrice. This isn’t something she wanted to do, because clearly, she cared about RJ enough to give him a gun when the others were dismissive of his concerns regarding his relative lack of safety. But, when she finds him about to kill her husband, her instinct kicks in and she ends up killing him.

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