Who Killed Sara Season 2 Episode 1 Recap and Ending, Explained

The tense Mexican mystery drama ‘Who Killed Sara’ returns for its much-awaited second season and, right off the bat, puts audiences in the center of a tangle of questions and answers. Picking up immediately after the season 1 cliffhanger, where we see Alex Guzman unearth a corpse from his backyard, the maiden episode of season 2 answers some very pertinent questions that fans of the show have undoubtedly been wanting to know more about.

However, with the scope of Alex’s hunt for his sister’s killer now expanding outside the Lazcano family, we are faced with a mystery that is deeper and more complex than before. Let’s see what we can glean from ‘Who Killed Sara’ season 2 episode 1. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who Killed Sara Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

‘Who Killed Sara’ season 2 episode 1 opens with the show’s namesake Sara having a panic attack at home. As her mother and friend, Marifer, try to calm her, Sara pushes past them, injuring Marifer in the process. We then see a familiar scene from the previous season of Rodolfo coming to pick Sara up in his yellow jeep. As seen earlier, Sara leaves with him and Alex in tow, but we now know of the ominous situation that played out just before.

Back in the present day, Alex is worried that the corpse unearthed in his backyard will result in him being sent back to prison. He also grapples with the new knowledge that Sara was mentally disturbed and had violent tendencies. Her old psychiatrist, who Alex tracks down, confirms that Sara suffered from severe paranoid schizophrenia and was capable of violence. Our protagonist now finds himself trying to figure out not just who killed his sister but also whether his sister attacked or even killed someone due to her illness.

Alex’s other big concern is the corpse found in his backyard, which hasn’t been identified. However, the coroner tells him that the cause of death was an expertly shot bullet to the head. Instantly suspecting Cesar for his known prowess at hunting, Alex makes a deal with Cesar’s colleague to ambush him at an empty amusement park.

Who Killed Sara Season 2 Episode 1 Ending: Is Elisa Dead?

Meanwhile, we see Mariana visit Elroy in the hospital. She commends him for always following her orders, including cutting the straps on Sara’s parachute. To her shock, Elroy admits that he did not cut them, essentially saying that it was not him but someone else who is responsible for Sara’s death. We then see Cesar and his colleague Sergio entering the abandoned amusement park, where Alex ambushes them with a drone, claiming that they’re being recorded.

Alex also exposes Cesar’s financial records and tells them that the tax authorities are headed to Cesar’s casino to audit him. Enraged, Cesar attempts to shoot Alex but is hampered as the latter has boobytrapped the park. Suddenly, Elisa, who has followed Alex, appears and runs after him, not knowing that Alex has left a bomb in his path. As both Alex and Cesar watch helplessly from either side, Elisa runs into the blast radius of the bomb right as it is set to explode and disappears inside a fiery inferno.

True to its form, the opening episode of ‘Who Killed Sara’ season 2 opens with a very consequential cliffhanger. The massive explosion triggered by Alex, apart from giving us a hint about just how far he is willing to go, also induces what might be a major turning point in the story. Elisa, despite helping Alex, is still very precious to Don Cesar, who already has a deep dislike for Alex. Hence, if his daughter is killed through Alex’s actions, it is truly chilling to think of how the sadistic Don Cesar might react.

However, what are the chances that Elisa is killed in the explosion? There is no way to tell apart from studying her role in the overall story and what the repercussions of her death might be. We know that if she dies, all hell will break loose, and Don Cesar will more than likely go on a rampage. Alex will also have to go on the run to escape the police as he would be held responsible for Elisa’s murder.

This would put an incredible amount of pressure on Alex and slow down his investigation into his sister’s murder greatly. It would also, most likely, set the Lazcano brothers, who have gradually begun to side with Alex, squarely against him again. All of this would take the story in a whole new direction, and this may mark the explosive beginning of season 2. However, there is still a large possibility of Elisa surviving, which would allow Alex to more or less get back to finding answers to all the questions that haunt him (and the audience).

Did Sara Kill Someone?

We get to learn a lot about Sara in the season 2 opening episode, possibly more than we did in the entire first season. Ever since discovering her disturbing personal diary, Alex delves deeper into Sara’s mental state, something he had so far overlooked. He, and the audience, find out that Sara is schizophrenic and has sociopathic tendencies. Her doctor also recounts to Alex the episode from Sara’s 6th birthday party when she almost murdered another child.

Since Sara had murderous tendencies from a very young age, we may not even know the person that Sara killed, if she did kill someone. For now, the body found in Alex’s backyard, whose location Sara had recorded in her diary, seems to be the most likely candidate for someone whose death Sara was involved in. However, we must remain open to the possibility that Sara could have killed one or multiple people in her younger days as well.

Who Does Alex Suspect Now?

Alex’s overarching mission of investigating those that he suspects of killing his sister continues, and now he has to solve the additional mystery of the dead body in his backyard. As far as Sara’s killer is concerned, Alex is unable to pinpoint any suspects after the huge amount of new information he receives about Sara’s mental state. At the moment, he is concerned with finding out more about his sister’s past, which he believes will help him find her killer.

As for the body found in his yard, after learning that the cause of death was an expertly shot bullet, he confronts Don Cesar, who he believes committed the murder, and hid the body. Alex is unable to get an answer from him and continues to suspect him. Don Cesar also mentions in passing that he “saved” Alex’s sister’s life. This, like most things about Don Cesar, has a very ominous ring to it, and though it doesn’t seem like an admission of guilt, it points to the possibility that Don Cesar is holding some secrets about Sara.

Did Nicandro Kill Sara?

Additionally, unbeknownst to Alex, Elroy admits to Mariana that he did not follow her orders of cutting the straps on Sara’s parachute. This tells us for a fact that Mariana had the intention of killing Sara. However, her shocked reaction to Elroy also tells us that now, with Elroy not being the murderer, even she is at a loss for who could have killed Sara. The character in focus in this episode is Nicandro, the Lazcano brothers’ wealthy childhood friend.

He is unpleasant and spoilt and looks down on Sara and her brothers’ relatively modest appearance, something that Sara noticed. We later see Nicandro offer Sara drugs, and though it is left unknown whether she consumes them, Nicandro comes across as a suspicious character. He is also seen picking up the knife dropped by Elroy near the boat, just before Sara’s death. With all the Lazcano family, even Mariana up to a degree, cleared of immediate suspicion, for now, it looks like Nicandro could be Sara’s killer. Future episodes will tell us whether we are right or not.

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