Who Plays Akilah in Yellowjackets Season 2? Why Was She Recast?

Showtime’s ‘Yellowjackets’ tells the story of the eponymous high school women’s soccer team. After the private jet taking them to the nationals crashes in the Ontario wilderness, they are forced to take drastic measures to survive in the harsh condition. Twenty-five years later, scars of their past are still visible on them as they try to build lives for themselves.

Akilah is one of the supporting characters in ‘Yellowjackets.’ She is among the survivors of the plane crash, though we don’t yet know whether she makes it out of the wilderness alive. A former Girl Scout, Akilah proves to be an integral part of the survival of the group. Keeya King portrays the character in the first season, but it appears that someone else has taken up the mantle in season 2. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Nia Sondaya Plays Akilah in Season 2

Actress Nia Sondaya portrays Akilah in ‘Yellowjackets’ season 2. She is a relative newcomer. Sondaya made her screen debut in the 2022 short film ‘Heart Shot,’ portraying the character of Samantha. She followed it up by playing a character named Aisha in a season-1 episode of ‘Bel-Air.’ Sondaya has also appeared in three episodes of ‘Truth Be Told’ and the short film ‘Hard.’ ‘Yellowjackets’ is her most prominent acting gig yet.

Akilah Recast Due to Potential Scheduling Conflicts

Unfortunately, no additional information was provided on why the recasting was needed. King did an exceptional job in the first season, portraying Akilah with humor, grace, and confidence. So it doesn’t make sense to recast the role this abruptly unless there were reasons no one can control. One possible reason can be a scheduling conflict. In 2022, King appeared in a number of projects, including the TV movie ‘Back for Your Life,’ film ‘Detective Night: Rogue,’ and series ‘Diggstown.’ King is set to portray Ella Boudreaux in the upcoming TV movie ‘Pride: Seven Deadly Sins.’

In 1996, when the plane crashes, Akilah is one of the newest members of Yellowjackets, having recently joined the team. The talented soccer players of the WHS Yellowjackets have secured their position in the nationals. And then the crash happens, and the world is turned upside down for the survivors.

Utilizing what she learned as a Girls Scout, Akilah ensures that her friends don’t die or experience adverse effects of the local flora. Although the other girls tease her occasionally about her status as the youngest member of the group, they still very much consider her as one of them.

After finding themselves stranded, the survivors take up tasks through which they can actively contribute to their makeshift society. With her knowledge about plants and everyday things, Akilah quickly establishes herself as an integral part of the group. She stops Misty from eating a mushroom, warning her that it is poisonous. This prompts Vanessa Palmer to wonder aloud whether the mushroom is “kill you poisonous” or “trip your balls off poisonous,”

As the series progresses, winter arrives, bringing the scarcity of food with it for the survivors. Anyone watching the show from the beginning knows what this entails. We know that cannibalism is one of the desperate steps that the girls take to ensure their survival. It will probably start with eating the already dead members of the group before the Yellowjackets split into several groups and attack each other. Although an adult Akilah is yet to appear in the show, it doesn’t mean she is dead. Older versions of Lottie and Van are introduced in season 2. The same thing can happen with Akilah in season 3.

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