Who Survives and Who Dies in The Conference?

Netflix’s Swedish slasher film ‘The Conference’ follows a cat-and-mouse game in which a serial killer sets out to kill a group of municipal employees who have arrived in the town of Kolarängen. Their team-building conference turns into a nightmare when the killer, in the costume of the town mascot Sotis, starts killing them one by one. The municipal employees realize that they need to fight for their survival, which leads them to alliances against the vicious man they are up against. So, who survives and perishes in this deadly and bloody game? Well, here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Karl: Dies

Karl is the first victim of the unnamed serial killer. The chef awaits the arrival of the nine municipal employees with unignorable enthusiasm, possibly because he is not used to welcoming such high-profile guests in his establishment. When he runs out of gas, Karl sets out to garner the same, only for his car to get punctured. After he leaves the vehicle, the chef listens to a noise, which leads him to the woods. The killer then puts an end to his life and proceeds to the hotel.

Roger: Dies

Roger gets killed by the murderer when he enjoys a stolen beer from Jonas’ room. The killer sees him on the premises while the latter has been taking a break from his responsibilities. Roger dies without even realizing what’s happening in and around the hotel as he is killed from behind his back. After murdering the housekeeper, the killer walks towards the hotel to kill the other hotel employees.

Jenny: Dies

When Karl vanishes from the hotel, Jenny starts to make food for the guests. As she gets engaged in the kitchen, the killer enters the establishment and tries to kill her. Although she puts up a courageous fight, it turns out to be not enough to save her life. The killer, who is exacting vengeance on the people who want to destroy his town by building a shopping complex in the same, finds a way to put an end to her life. Ever since the shopping complex became a possibility, Jenny has been championing the development of the same, which explains why the killer wants to see her dead as well.

Cleo: Dies

Cleo gets killed after the killer puts an end to Jenny’s life. When the receptionist has been fighting for her life, Cleo takes the municipal employees to have several team-building exercises. After the same, she notices that the phones she has collected from the guests aren’t where she kept them. To check the same, she goes to the hotel and is shocked to see the blood marks left behind by the murderer, who then attacks her. While trying to save herself, she sees Jenny’s lifeless body in the kitchen, hanging from a hook. Cleo dies after having the shock of her life.

Kaj: Dies

Kaj is the first municipal employee who gets killed by the murderer. After the party disperses, the killer appears before Kaj and Anette with a machine. Thinking that the same is Jonas in the mascot’s costumes, Kaj cheers himself up, only to get brutally killed in the hot tub. The killer uses the machine on his victim’s body until the hot bath turns into a “blood bath.” Kaj’s life, along with his dreams to earn a new job in a corporate company by helping Jonas, comes to an end soon.

Ingela: Dies

Ingela, along with Jonas, is the most significant advocate of the shopping complex that’s announced to be built in the town. After the team-building exercises and party, Ingela goes to the hotel to check whether the dinner is ready. Instead of Jenny, she sees blood everywhere. She runs to her colleagues, only for the killer to tie a rope to her neck and lift the same. Ingela’s dead body is tied to the flag post using the rope for the rest of the municipal employees to realize what they are really up against.

Amir: Dies

After realizing that their lives are on the line, the surviving municipal employees team up to protect themselves. Amir, however, grows concerned about Lina’s safety. He risks his own life to find Lina and together, they plot to escape from the hotel using the zip line. The killer, however, foresaw the plan and placed pointed wooden sticks at the end of the line to ensure that anybody trying to escape using the same would get killed. Amir sees the wooden sticks and realizes that they will kill Lina. He then swaps their position midway and sacrifices his life to make sure that Lina survives.

Anette: Dies

When her colleagues run away from the killer, Anette musters up the courage to stand in front of the same thinking that he is her friend Frans. She tries to convince him that she is on his side, only to eventually realize that the murderer is not who she thinks he is. The killer then places a machete on her head. Anette is last seen walking to the river, alive. However, she collapses into the water, which makes the chances of her survival low. The first responders may not reach her soon enough since they haven’t started searching the perimeter. By the time they reach the river, she may have died due to drowning and blood loss.

Jonas: Dies

Jonas dies but he doesn’t get killed by the serial murderer. He manages to find a way to stay away from the wrath of the killer. However, he doesn’t escape from the place to save his life. He returns to Lina, instead of running away, to garner the latter’s USB drive, which has important documents that can destroy his life. His greed makes him fight Lina, only for her to kill him by tearing his already torn scalp apart. Jonas dies in the river irrespective of getting a chance to save his life.

Torbjörn and Eva: Survive

Although two of the weakest among the serial killer’s targets, Torbjörn and Eva don’t get killed. Torbjörn’s determination and will to survive make him fight the murderer without getting scared of him. He teams up with his constant companion Eva to outnumber the serial killer and safeguard one another. Their joint effort yields results as they manage to protect their lives. Even though they end up needing external help, Eva and Torbjörn succeed in challenging the serial killer back, which is something their colleagues failed miserably.

Nadja: Survives

Nadja survives with her cleverness. After teaming up with Torbjörn and Eva, her life gets threatened soon enough. The killer tries to kill her and he succeeds but only nearly. She pretends that she is dead and stays away from the murderer’s way to protect herself. When the right time comes, she comes out of her hiding spot and joins Eva and Torbjörn again to make sure that they are leaving the place alive.

Lina: Survives

Lina owes her life to Amir, who sacrifices his life to make sure that she survives. She is the only one who gets threatened by not one but two. In addition to the serial killer, Jonas tries to kill her to stop her from informing the police about the crimes he had committed as a municipal employee. Lina saves herself by killing Jonas and by the time she returns to the hotel, the killer becomes not a threat anymore, thanks to Nadja, Eva, and Torbjörn.

The Killer: Dies

After killing most of his targets, the killer loses his life as well. While dealing with Eva and Torbjörn’s retaliation, Nadja appears out of nowhere with the golden shovel and kills him. He dies because he doesn’t ensure that Nadja is really dead. The oversight costs his life and concludes his vengeful spree. As he announced to the world before turning into a murderer, the unnamed killer, in his eyes, puts up a fight against the system by killing several of its representatives, only to eventually get killed.

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