Who Was Mike Tyson’s Biological Father? Is He Dead or Alive?

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Hulu’s boxing-themed drama series ‘Mike’ follows the true story of Mike Tyson, the legendary boxer who became one of the greatest ever to grace the ring. The show depicts Mike’s upbringing as a child, the tumultuous surroundings he grows up in, and the tensions he develops with his mother. As a child, Mike grows up witnessing his mother, Lorna Mae, fighting with his father, Jimmy Kirkpatrick, who eventually leaves her. In reality, Kirkpatrick was not a constant presence in the lives of Mike or his siblings. But was he Mike’s biological father? Let’s find out!

Who Was Mike Tyson’s Biological Father?

When Mike Tyson was a child, Jimmy “Curlee” Kirkpatrick Jr. was the man in his household. However, as per his birth certificate, his biological father was Percel Tyson AKA Purcell Tyson. As per sources, he was a Jamaican and was referred to as a “humble cab driver.” “I don’t know much about my father’s family. In fact, I didn’t really know my father much at all. Or the man I was told was my father,” Mike wrote in his autobiography ‘Undisputed Truth.’ “On my birth certificate, it said my father was Percel Tyson. The only problem was that my brother, my sister, and I never met this guy,” he added.

As per sources, Lorna Mae and Percel split up shortly after Mike was born. When Mike was a grown-up, she was the partner of Jimmy Kirkpatrick, seemingly for Mike to consider Kirkpatrick as his father. Mike and his sibling were even told that Kirkpatrick was their biological father as well. “We were all told that our biological father was Jimmy “Curlee” Kirkpatrick Jr. But he was barely in the picture. As time went on I heard rumors that Curlee was a pimp and that he used to extort ladies. Then, all of a sudden, he started calling himself a deacon in the church,” wrote Mike about Kirkpatrick in ‘Undisputed Truth.’

Even though Percel was Mike’s biological father, the latter wanted to be known as Kirkpatrick’s son. “Curlee was a pimp. Percel was a humble Jamaican cab driver. I so desperately wanted to be the son of a pimp… because, in my neighborhood, that carries weight,” he said in his one-man show. Mike couldn’t live long as Kirkpatrick’s son since, as per reports, the latter left Lorna Mae and her children around the time Mike was a child. As per his autobiography, Mike and his siblings only saw him once in a while, and they used to pile up in his car for a round whenever he met them.

Is Mike Tyson’s Biological Father Dead or Alive?

Since Percel Tyson reportedly left Lorna Mae and her children, including Mike, nothing is known about the man. It is unknown whether he is even dead or alive. Mike never met Percel in his life either. After Kirkpatrick left the family and Lorna Mae’s death, Mike was adopted by his mentor and renowned trainer, Cus D’Amato. “Listen, we’re your family now, okay? And you’re our boy now. And you’re going to bring a lot of pride to this family. Pride and glory,” Cus told Mike while he was grieving his mother’s death. In Cus and his wife Camille, Mike found a father and mother.

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