Who was Peter’s Father in The Night Agent? How Did He Die?

Netflix’s ‘The Night Agent’ is a political thriller that follows Peter Sutherland, a low-level FBI agent who gets caught up in a dangerous conspiracy. Dedicated to his job, Peter believes in doing everything by the book. For him, keeping the country safe comes above everything else. He will do whatever it takes to stop the enemies, but the problem is that the threat, this time, comes from within the White House.

Peter’s entire life hinges on trusting the right people. One wrong move could brand him as a traitor. The same thing happened to his father as well. Throughout the season, we find Peter living under the shadow of his father’s tainted past. In the end, he discovers the whole truth. If you want to learn more about his father, we’ve got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD

Accusations Destroy Peter Sr.’s Reputation

Peter Sutherland Sr. was an FBI agent. He was section chief of the counterintelligence division. Peter Sr. was dedicated to his job and considered duty above everything else, which he passed on to his son. He had a promising career, but one wrong move destroyed everything. His son grows up to become an FBI agent, hoping to get to the bottom of the truth and prove to the world that his father is not a traitor. This defines his life and career choices. For the entire world, including Peter Sr.’s best friend and Peter’s godfather, Peter Sr. was a traitor. But the situation was a little complicated.

While working in the FBI, Peter Sr. was approached by some people who wanted his help getting information on some private contractors. At the moment, Peter Sr. didn’t know they were foreign spies who would compromise the country’s safety. He only realized it much later when payment for his services was mentioned. By then, Peter Sr. was already involved with them. He leaked confidential information that “compromised U.S defense strategies around the world.”

The investigation revealed Peter Sr.’s involvement in the leaks. His best friend, a journalist, looked into it, hoping to clear his name, but he reached the same conclusion. Peter Sr. had betrayed the country. While he was arrested and he was never tried for the crime. Peter Sr. died in a car crash before all this. The documents allegedly proving his guilt were never made public, so the question of Peter Sr.’s guilt remained in limbo. For the world, he was a traitor, but his son believed otherwise.

Peter’s Father Died in a Car Crash

Peter Sr. died in a car crash. Peter believed it was an accident, but some conspiracy theorists claimed it was a suicide. In the end, Peter discovers that it was neither. In return for saving the President, Peter gets the truth about his father. He is shown the video in which Peter Sr. confesses to everything. This confirms that he was guilty of everything the world said about him. However, there was some stuff that the public didn’t know about.

President Travers tells Peter that his father had agreed to become a double agent. He would help the administration bring down the people who had orchestrated the whole thing. He was supposed to be prepped for deployment, going on a mission no one knew about. However, the enemies found out about it. The day before his departure, he was killed, and his death was made to look like a suicide. When Peter asks who killed his father, the President tells him the assassin was killed a few years ago.

This revelation brings a lot of things into perspective for Peter. Now, he knows what really happened with his father. The situation was not as black and white as it was painted out to be, and even though Peter wanted to defend his father, he could never reveal the truth to anyone. He has to make peace with the fact that the world will never find out about many things. He has to be content with knowing the truth himself.

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