Who is Wayne Jenkins’ Wife? Do They Have Kids?

‘We Own This City’ follows the shocking story of rampant corruption in the Baltimore Police Department, specifically in the special Gun Trace Task Force (GTTF). Under Sergeant Wayne Jenkins, many of the task force’s members use their position to commit atrocious crimes and enrich themselves. The show draws from real-life incidents covered in Justin Fenton’s eponymous book and is populated by characters based on real people. Episode 5 gives us a rare glimpse into the character Wayne Jenkins’ family life. Let’s take a look at where the real Wayne Jenkins’ wife is now and whether the two have any kids.

Where is Wayne Jenkins’ Wife Now?

The show briefly depicts Wayne Jenkins’ wife in episode 5, and we are told that Wayne takes time off for the impending birth of his child. His wife is also depicted earlier in the series when Wayne, in his early days, attends a barbecue with his colleagues from the Baltimore Police Department and is annoyed by how they have more money than him. Wayne Jenkins, who is currently incarcerated, is married to Kristy Jenkins in real life. During his trial, she wrote a letter to District Court Judge Catherine C. Blake.

In the letter, Kristy penned, “This is not the man I know,” adding, “Wayne is truly sorry for his actions. He is very remorseful.” Though she pleaded with the judge to be kind while sentencing her husband, Kristy did not address the court during the trial. Not much is known about Kristy after Wayne’s imprisonment, and it looks like she prefers to remain out of the public eye. The two were high school sweethearts who eventually married. According to reports, while he was stationed in North Carolina, Wayne would often make the long trip back home to Middle River to meet Kristy.

Do Wayne and Kristy Jenkins Have a Kid?

Yes, Wayne and Kristy Jenkins have not one but three children. Despite reports of Wayne Jenkins’ hectic work schedule, his family and friends also recounted that Wayne would always be around for them. He was also quite involved with his sons, getting updates from their teachers about their progress and volunteering to chaperone field trips.

Image Credit: Wayne N Kristy Jenkins/Pinterest

As mentioned on the show, Wayne went on leave in November 2016 for the birth of his son. During his absence, Wayne’s unit’s productivity allegedly plummeted. When he returned from paternity leave in February 2017, the sergeant asked to leave the GTTF. Instead, he asked to be assigned to a unit serving warrants. Sadly, Wayne and Kristy also lost one of their children. A year before their third son was born, Wayne was at work when his wife went into labor. The child, unfortunately, did not survive.

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