Who Were George and Sam in Keep Breathing? Were They Criminals?

Netflix’s ‘Keep Breathing’ is set in the Canadian wilderness where a woman named Liv ends up after surviving a plane crash. She is completely on her own, with no sign of civilization. She has to rely on her instincts and common sense and wit to keep herself alive. While there are a lot of things that go through one’s mind while watching Liv’s story, there is one question that makes us wonder if things could have turned out differently for her.

One should be wary of trusting strangers, but Liv throws all caution to the wind when it comes to going to Inuvik. She displays immense intelligence and resourcefulness in the wild, which is what makes us wonder why she didn’t think twice before getting on a plane with the people she knew nothing about. Even though they seem like nice enough people, the truth about their nature is revealed later, when it’s already too late for Liv. If you’re wondering who they really were, we’ve got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD

Who Were George and Sam?

Liv makes a lot of mistakes, but the one that really changes the course of her life is when she decides to get on a private plane with two strangers. She needs to go to Inuvik and is so blinded by its urgency that she doesn’t pay heed to the warning that Sam himself gives her. While she argues with him about being allowed to get on the plane, he asks her how she can trust them, without knowing anything about them.

Another instance where it is revealed that Liv shouldn’t have gotten on the plane is when Sam tells her that he is a photographer for National Geographic. He says that he has been sent to shoot the caribou run. Liv comments that it is a little late for that season because it’s supposed to be a spring thing. Sam deflects by saying that he just goes where they send him. Meanwhile, George’s attitude doesn’t seem very welcoming, though we just consider it a personality trait rather than put it down under something suspicious.

Things get really tricky when the plane crash lands on the water. Sam immediately panics and his actions lead to the plane drowning in the water with Liv and George inside it. Sam doesn’t even bother helping George before rushing out to save himself. It looks like Liv is the only one who actually cares whether someone other than her lives or dies. She tries to save George, even though she fails, and she gets Sam out of the water, even when he almost gets her killed.

He remains unconscious for the rest of the day, but when he finally comes to, the first thing he asks about is the plane. He doesn’t ask about George until later but is more concerned with what happened to the plane and the things inside it. While he confesses that he doesn’t work for National Geographic, it isn’t until Liv gets their stuff out of the plane that she realizes who the two men were. All she finds in their bags is money and a lot of oxycodone. This proves that they were actually criminals. They were illegally transporting the drugs across the border, which explains why they took a private plane rather than a conventional flight.

Due to the nature of their job, George and Sam had to keep their flight path a secret, which is why George never logged a flight plan, which means no one knew where the plane was going or that it ever took off. This is why, no one would come looking for them, and Liv has to survive on her own.

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