Who Were Steve Banerjee’s Parents? How Did They Die?

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As a Hulu original eight-part limited series that lives up to its title in every way imaginable, ‘Welcome to Chippendales’ can only be described as equal parts gripping, riveting, as well as haunting. After all, it delves into the way Somen “Steve” Banerjee not just established the titular all-male exotic dance club in 1979 but also brought around its downfall through criminality mere years later. Yet for now, if you simply wish to learn more about the founder-owner’s background — in particular, details of his parents, their profession, and his overall upbringing — we’ve got you covered.

Who Were Steve Banerjee’s Parents?

Although it’s no secret Steve was born as Somen Banerjee in Bombay (now easily referred to as Mumbai), India, on October 8, 1946, any information regarding his family is unfortunately unclear. We do know he hails from the Bengali Indo-Aryan ethnic group and his upper-middle-class lineage served as print shop owners for three generations before him (during British rule), but that’s it. In other words, the name of his parents, precisely how many siblings he had, his schooling, or the interests he held as a youngster are all pieces of his life never revealed in any public records.

Image Credit: New York Post

With that said, though, it’s imperative to note Steve reportedly always wished to move on from the family business and undertake a different, grander endeavor, which is why he left in the 1960s. He emigrated from the West Indian port city to the literal West and, in 1969, settled down around Los Angeles County, California — that’s where he took over the management of a local gas station. The ambitious youngster then earned enough money to launch his own unique company one day, eventually leading to the birth of Chippendales; he even changed his name from Somen to Steve along the way.

How Did Steve Banerjee’s Parents Die?

As mentioned above, there’s little to no concrete data concerning Steve’s parents available on record, meaning we cannot be certain how, when, or where either of his parents lost their lives. However, since Hulu’s ‘Welcome to Chippendales’ is inspired by the 2014 non-fiction book ‘Deadly Dance: The Chippendales Murders,’ it’s highly likely the familial aspects it illustrates holds true. Therefore, Steve’s father possibly died of a heart attack while still running their print shop in Bombay back in the 1980s — as the former was ostensibly the family’s only son and thus successor, the latter ran the store until he never could anymore.

As for Steve’s mother, according to the production, she refused to relocate to California to be with her son despite his open offer following the patriarch’s demise because her home was in India. Hence, it appears as if she spent the rest of her days around her homeland, as close to her roots and a majority of her loved ones as possible — sadly, it remains murky whether she and Steve were ultimately able to sort out their alleged differences or not.

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