Why Did Greg Kleven Leave Big Timber? Where Is He Now?

AAs the name suggests, ‘Big Timber’ offers us a peek inside the Canadian logging and sawmill industry by focusing on Kevin Wenstob and his family as they fight against all odds to keep their family sawmill up and running. Filmed in Vancouver Island, the show brings the inner workings of the sawmill industry to the forefront and revolves heavily around the obstacles and challenges loggers have to face on a daily basis. Besides, it even provides a window into the lives of the Wenstob family, as well as their crew, as they go about balancing their personal and professional commitments.

In Season 1, Greg Kleven was introduced as the sole person responsible for operating the Yarder. Thus, fans were quite surprised when he decided to leave the company towards the end of the season. Let’s dive in and find out why Greg left ‘Big Timber,’ shall we?

Why Did Greg Kleven Leave Big Timber?

A longtime member of Kevin Wenstob’s crew and Kevin’s close friend, Greg Kleven was the only person in Wenstob Timber who was responsible for operating and looking after the Yarder. The Yarder is an essential piece of logging equipment that uses a complex system of ropes and pulleys in order to transport large, heavy logs from the forest to the collection point before they are inspected and sold. While on the show, Kevin mentioned that each log is graded and priced according to its condition. So, a bruised and battered wooden log with lots of marks on it will fetch a lower value than one which is in pristine condition. Hence, the Yarder Operator is essentially responsible for the state of the logs when transported from the forest floor and must possess the technical know-how to do so without a single error.

Although Greg did an incredible job as the Yarder operator, he eventually fell behind on experience when Kevin purchased a Grapple Yarder which would triple the production. According to Kevin and Sarah, their company needed to increase production in order to meet increasing demands and tight deadlines. Hence, introducing the Grapple Yarder was an essential step that would help Kevin transport a large number of logs in a short time.

Unfortunately, Greg Kleven could not suit himself to the new machinery and even ended up ruining quite a few logs, which cost Kevin a handsome sum of money. With Greg being Kevin’s friend, the mill owner even gave the former the benefit of the doubt but soon realized that Greg had to be replaced if the business wanted to prosper. Thus, Steve Malloch, an experienced Grapple Yarder operator, was brought in as a temporary replacement, and Greg said his goodbyes to the logging operation.

Where Is Greg Kleven Now?

Unfortunately, since Greg left Wenstob Timber, he has embraced privacy and prefers to live a quiet life below the radar. Besides, he even has a limited presence on social media, and not much is known about his current status. Although there are no reports on his current whereabouts, sources have mentioned that Greg presently resides in the Canadian province of British Columbia, where he built up a happy life surrounded by friends and family. However, viewers should note that this information is not corroborated and should be taken with a grain of salt.

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