Where is Sarah Fleming From Big Timber Now?

‘Big Timber’ documents the journey of Wenstob Timber Resources and its employees. The company is a family-run business and is one of the last remaining independent logging ventures on Vancouver Island. As the reality show progresses, viewers get a glimpse of the workings of the less-known industry. Though the hardworking loggers on the series face several obstacles, some natural and some bureaucratic, they always try their best to power through and keep the work going.

One of the most well-known people on the show is Sarah Fleming, who works from the sawmill and is the rock that manages the business with her sharp skills. While her husband, Kevin Wenstob, takes care of the logging part, Sarah keeps the inventory in check and communicates with the clients. Several of Sarah’s admirers are curious to know what she is up to these days and what ahs her experience has been like on the show. Well, here’s what we know about the current status of Sarah Fleming.

Sarah Fleming’s Big Timber Journey

Though Wenstob Timber Resources was started when Srah and her husband were in their 20s, Sarah did not take over the business until about 17 years ago. Before her time on the sawmill, Sarah had worked as an operating room nurse for approximately 20 years. Though the transition was hard and the learning curve steep, Sarah soldiered on and made herself an essential cog in the family business.

“I took on an entirely new career and starting working in the office and built on that. It was a huge contrast but I did a lot of reading and a lot of research on my own to teach myself about the logging industry as well as educating myself on computers because they were relatively new back then,” Sarah shared with Hollywood North Magazine. I remember thinking that I should take a course but then everyone said – there’s no course, you just learn it.”

During her appearance on the ‘Big Timber,’ Sarah can be seen managing the employees at the sawmill with a firm hand. Her other responsibilities include maintaining the inventory and taking care of new employees. Thanks to her managerial skills, the Wenstob boys can concentrate on the logging part. Sarah can sometimes be seen worrying over diminishing supplies and how that might affect customer relations. However, it is her dedication and determination that help the business thrive and push past the presented obstacles.

Where is Sarah Fleming Now?

As of writing, Sarah and others from Wenstob Timber Resources seem to be celebrating the arrival of season 2 of ‘Big Timber’ on Netflix. Thanks to the show, the company has seen an increase in the number of customers, which directly affects Sarah’s area of work. The manager has certainly been over the moon regarding the increased business and has expressed the same several times. “The response overall has been absolutely fabulous,” Sarah had shared with Business Examiner after season 1. “People have been reaching out to us from all over the world because of it, and for lumber sales as well. We’ve had lots of requests for lumber from the United Kingdom and Asia, and right now we’re so busy.”

Sarah is a huge animal lover, and her affection for them is evident in her social media posts. It seems that Sarah has a special fondness for horses, whom she loves to spend time with. Apart from adorable animal pictures, Sarah likes to share photos of her family and friends. From what we know, she has also picked up a fitness regime under the guidance of her son, Jack Wenstob. “Jack does a lot of weight lifting, and one day he said, “Let’s try to turn back time.” So we started up over a year ago now (October 2021),” she stated. “It’s actually pretty addictive.”

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