Why Did Joe Amabile and Kendall Long Break Up?

Image Credit: Joe Amabile/Instagram

Joe Amabile AKA Grocery Store Joe met Kendall Long for the first time while on Season 5 of ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ Both had been previous contestants in the ‘Bachelor’ franchise, and they found mutual attraction during their time on the show. Although Joe and Kendall quickly became fan favorites and showed promise, their road together has been beset with numerous obstacles. They have been an off-again, on-again couple, thus effectively increasing the interest in their relationship. If you want to know more about their journey and why they ended up going their separate ways, we have you covered!

Joe and Kendall’s Bachelor in Paradise Journey

Joe Amabile is also known as Grocery Store Joe as he owns and operates a small grocery store in Hegewisch, Chicago. He first appeared on season 14 of ‘The Bachelorette’ where he pursued Becca Kufrin. However, Joe was unlucky and got eliminated in the first week itself. On the other hand, Kendall Long appeared on season 22 of ‘The Bachelor,’ which featured Arie Luyendyk Jr. She survived for quite a bit on the show but was eventually eliminated in week 9 and sent home.

With ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ offering a second or sometimes a third chance at love to contestants in the ‘Bachelor’ franchise, both Joe and Kendall met each other in season 5 of the show, during the summer of 2018. Upon their first meeting, sparks flew between the two, and they possessed immense chemistry. The duo soon took to each other and began dating. They were happy initially and demonstrated strong commitment.

However, trouble soon crept up, and Kendall even mentioned that she was unsure about what she felt for Joe. Thus, even before the season ended, the couple decided to split. However, fans were treated to an exciting update in September of the same year. In the season 5 reunion episode, Kendall and Joe affirmed that they had gotten back together and wanted to make it work.

Why Did Joe and Kendall Break Up?

In April 2019, months following their reunion, Joe and Kendall moved in together and were residing in West Hollywood, California. Moreover, there were numerous speculations about their future and how a proposal might be on the cards. Things seemed set for the couple, and there was a belief that their bond would stand the test of time. However, January 2020 brought devastating news as the couple informed their fans about their separation. They even revealed that they have stopped living together.

Moreover, it also seemed like they broke up on amicable terms as the couple told Bachelor Nation, “We both respect each other’s decision and still have a great deal of love for each other. We appreciate all the love and support everyone has given us throughout our relationship.” Kendall even explained why they broke up in an interview with ET Online in March 2020. She said, “I think, ultimately, Joe foresaw his happiness and work in Chicago, and I can’t resent him because of that. And for me, I just never foresaw a future there.”

Kendall also mentioned that she had an ultimatum wherein she had to choose between moving to Chicago or breaking up. Finally, Kendall broke up as she did not want to stay in such a relationship. In the next few months, there were numerous speculations about the pair getting back together, but they all turned out to be false. Following their breakup, both Kendall and Joe tried to move on. Kendall went on a few dates and revealed that the relationship changed what she wanted in a partner.

On the other hand, while appearing on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ season 7, Joe appeared to get close to Serena P. and even shared a kiss with her. Although their relationship status is still unknown, Kendall has mentioned that watching her ex fall in love on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ would not be an experience she would enjoy.

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