Why Did Lea Black Leave The Real Housewives of Miami?

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Fans were undoubtedly excited when the fourth season of ‘The Real Housewives of Miami‘ was announced. The series, which initially enjoyed a three-season run from 2011 to 2013, managed to retain its popularity even after years of being off the screen. However, viewers were left shocked when Bravo revealed that popular cast-member Lea Black won’t be returning for the show’s fourth edition. With fans clamoring to know the reason behind Lea’s departure, we decided to jump in and find out the truth for ourselves.

Why Did Lea Black Leave The Real Housewives of Miami?

The first three seasons of ‘Real Housewives of Miami’ endeared Lea Black to viewers and established her as a fan-favorite cast member. With viewers being offered a sneak peek into the professional and personal lives of Lea and her friends, it further popularized the show. Thus, longtime fans who craved the show’s return were ecstatic when the fourth round was announced.

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However, soon after the announcement, Lea’s cryptic Tweet led people to believe that she might not be a part of season 4. The reality star seemed to address such thoughts right away when she asked her fans not to believe every single rumor. Still, with speculation that the producers were looking for a more diverse cast and interviewing several women, the assumptions about Lea’s exit remained strong.

When the network confirmed Lea’s departure from ‘RHOM,’ they explained that the timing did not work out for Lea as she now spends several months in her Los Angeles home. With Los Angeles located on the opposite end of the country to Miami, the hectic travel between her residence and the filming location supposedly played a significant part in Lea’s departure.

Surprisingly, several rumors continue to surround Lea’s departure. Some people even claimed that Lea was not included in the new season as her husband was on Jeffrey Epstein’s legal team. Meanwhile, others speculated that Lea might have turned down the role after it was offered. However, fans should know that none of these assumptions are corroborated and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Where Is Lea Black Now?

In June 2021, reports claimed that Lea and her husband, Roy, were selling their waterfront home in Star Island, Miami. Apparently, now they shuttle between their homes in Key Largo, Coral Gables, and Los Angeles. Lea seems to be living a happy family life and is quite content in her marriage. She has even kept up with her popularity and regularly appears on the Radio Andy show ‘Jeff Lewis Live.’

At present, Lea Black owns and operates her own skincare line, Lea Black Beauty, and hosts the popular podcast ‘Lunch With Lea.’ It honestly is lovely to witness her enjoying life to the fullest, and we want to wish her the very best for all her future endeavors.

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