Why Did [Spoiler] Kill Andi in Glass Onion, Explained

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Netflix’s ‘Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery’ is another great murder mystery written and directed by Rian Johnson. It brings Benoit Blanc out of the dry spell that has been driving him crazy. He is invited to an island where he has to partake in what is supposed to be a game about the murder of the person hosting the party. Soon, however, everyone’s intentions and motivations, including Blanc, come to light and we discover that a murder had happened long before Blanc and the others arrived on the island. It was Andi who had been killed, and whose death led to a chaotic weekend where all secrets come to light. Here, we give you a chronological look at the events that led to Andi’s death and Blanc’s involvement in the investigation. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Andi and Miles Start a Business Together

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In the first half of the film, we are led to believe that Miles is a genius who created Alpha and is now moving on to other revolutionary innovations. However, it turns out that Andi was the brains behind the operations. In fact, she was the one that brought the whole group together. Duke, Claire, Birdie, and Lionel were Andi’s friends long before they met Miles and their career trajectories changed for the better. Despite their early failures, Andi believed in them. She did the same for Miles.

It is not revealed how Andi met Miles but when she did, she encouraged him to do the things that he wanted, much like she encouraged her other friends to reach for their dreams. She brought him into the group, and soon, they all became very close to him, especially because he helped them through their personal stuff. In between this, Andi came up with the idea for Alpha while they were all hanging out at the Glass Onion bar. She wrote it down on a napkin and shared the idea with Miles. Together, they started a company that turned them into billionaires.

Andi and Miles Fall Out

With Alpha turning into a huge deal, Andi and Miles came up with ways to expand their empire. Miles came up with ideas that reached for the impossible and Andi grounded him. From the conversations between several characters in the film, it is clear that most of the ideas by Miles seem ridiculous to everyone. In an early scene, we find the investors arguing with Lionel about the farfetchedness of Miles’ new project.

Unlike everyone else, Andi was the only one who could speak the truth to Miles. She knew when he was making castles in the air and didn’t hesitate to show him the reality of the situation. As soon as Miles proposed the idea of Klear, Andi told him that it wouldn’t work. She took a good look at how the whole plan could turn catastrophic and clearly told her partner that investing in such a thing wouldn’t be good for them, especially when Miles was ready to invest everything they had into it.

When Miles didn’t back down, Andi threatened to leave and take half of the company with herself. This would leave Miles lacking in the capital to start his new project, and knowing that Andi was the brains behind the whole thing, he would soon lose everything. So, he came up with legality where he completely pushed Andi out of the company, leaving her with nothing. In return, she sued him because it was her idea that started the company in the first place. It was a matter of intellectual property and Andi claimed that she had written down the whole thing on a napkin and shared the idea with Miles.

Miles Kills Andi

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The only mistake that Andi made was that she didn’t save the napkin. Or at least, she didn’t remember where she’d kept it. In turn, Miles claimed that he was the one to have come up with the idea. In his defense, he made Claire, Birdie, and Duke lie for him. He’d already bought them with his money when he backed Claire’s campaign and helped Birdie and Duke get their personal projects off the ground. All of them took the stand to accept under oath that Alpha was Miles’ idea. Due to this, Andi lost the case as well as the stake in her company.

After Andi was ousted from the company, Miles came up with his own version of the napkin. Because Andi didn’t have the original and he’d already won the case, Miles created a narrative around himself, which presented him as a genius to the world. He gave interviews where he talked more and more about how he was the one who came up with the original idea. But one day, Andi found the napkin again. It had been tucked inside some book of hers and she’d forgotten about it.

Now, Andi had solid proof to take to the court against Miles. She could finally prove that Alpha was hers and that would not only help her get the company back, but it would also completely ruin Miles’ reputation. For the question of whether her napkin was real or Miles’, her napkin had the Glass Onion written on it while Miles’ didn’t because the bar had shut down soon after Andi created Alpha.

With solid proof in her hands, Andi told all of her friends about the napkin. She sent them all an email. Lionel forwarded it to Miles, who, unbeknownst to everyone at the moment was in New York to celebrate Whiskey’s birthday. As soon as he found out about the original napkin, he knew that he was on the brink to lose everything, and at this point, he couldn’t afford that. He also knew that there was no way he could change Andi’s mind, no matter how much he pleaded or threatened her.

Image Credit: John Wilson/NETFLIX

Eventually, Miles decided that the only way to keep Andi from revealing the truth to the world was to kill her. He went to her house in the guise of having a conversation. Andi knew that he was a bad person, but she didn’t think he was capable of murder, which is why she didn’t pay attention to his activities. In one such lapse of caution, Miles put a sedative in Andi’s drink. When she fell unconscious, he took her to the garage, put her inside the car, left the engine running and Andi choked to death.

When Andi was found, her death was ruled out to be a suicide. Considering that she’d lost the case and the company only a few months ago, no one would find it difficult to believe that she’d killed herself in despair. However, her sister, Helen knew better. She quickly figured out that Andi was on the verge of turning things around for herself, which means that she wouldn’t have ended her life. It was also quite unlike Andi to do such a thing.

When Helen found Andi’s email, she looked for the red envelope but didn’t find it. Then the mystery box from Miles arrived and Helen found the invitation to his island. She knew this was the chance for her to solve her sister’s murder because all the people that Andi had sent emails to were going to be there. This led her to seek out Benoit Blanc, and together they went to the island to find out what exactly had happened to Andi.

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