Why Did Vincent Bishop Kill Himself? Did Kevin Corrigan Leave Organized Crime?

Portrayed by Kevin Corrigan, Vincent Bishop is a recurring character in the third season of ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime.’ Vincent works as a foreman for Norcart Construction and is an associate of the Silas family. When Henry Cole refuses to leave his apartment, halting the construction of a casino in New York, Bishop asks Teddy Silas what he should do about it. In response, Teddy tells the other man that he knows what he has to do, warning him that if he fails, he will lose his job. Bishop later has Cole killed by instructing Dominic Russo to send Kenny Kyle after the man. In season 3 episode 4, Bishop dies by suicide. Here is everything you need to know about it. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Why Did Vincent Bishop Kill Himself?

Although Bishop seems to be part of the mob, he is more involved in the less violent aspects of the things. In the fourth episode of the third season, Russo even tells him to worry about brick and mortar while he takes care of blood and bone. Russo declares that he has people to take care of Kenny at the prison facility at Rikers Island, where the young assassin has been transferred.

The problem for Bishop and Russo is that Stabler and his team have figured out that whoever hired Kenny would try to get to the man while he is in prison. Bobby Reyes, one of the newcomers to the team in the show’s third season, volunteers to go undercover at Rikers. Although Bell has her reservations on the matter, especially after what happened to Gina Cappelletti, Stabler convinces her to allow it.

Although Reyes gets injured while protecting Kenny, he does earn the other man’s respect in the process and convinces him to accept the deal Stabler is offering him. Kenny eventually confesses that he was hired by Russo. Stabler is forced to kill Russo after the latter pulls a gun on him, but they find a photograph among Russo’s things, depicting him along with Dede, Kenny, and Vincent. This effectively connects Bishop to the mob and makes Vincent seem like a connection between the Silas family and the mob.

Robert Silas realizes that the family and the business are vulnerable and speaks to his son. When Stabler comes questioning, Teddy turns Bishop into the sacrificial goat, blaming everything on him, and his wife Pearl helps him with it. By the time Stabler goes to speak with Bishop, the latter has become terrified. He has found out what happened to Russo and fears that the mob will now come after him and his family, knowing that he is now the only person to have the knowledge of Cole’s death and the link between two aspects of the Silas family’s business.

When Stabler arrives, Bishop locks himself in the bathroom and kills himself with his gun, likely to protect his family from the higher-ups. With his death, he ensures the mob will not come after his wife and children.

Did Kevin Corrigan Leave Law & Order: Organized Crime?

Although neither Corrigan nor the makers of ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ have confirmed the matter, given the fate of his character, it’s safe to assume that he has left the show for good. Bishop appears in three episodes of the show — episodes two to four of the third season. Corrigan is a prominent character actor who has been active in the industry for over 30 years. He is set to appear in the upcoming films American Murderer’ and ‘Montauk.’ Corrigan is also part of the cast of ‘Grendel,’ a series adapted from a comic book series of the same name, but the project is not going forward at Netflix.

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