The Devil’s Plan Secret: Why Do the Pieces Connect?

Unmasking mystery and solutions at every turn, ‘The Devil’s Plan’ chronicles the journey of twelve contestants as they compete in a series of challenges to win the top spot. As the cast goes head to head in challenges that test memory, arithmetic, logic, and strategy, they inadvertently find themselves creating alliances to survive. With the sole goal of survival in mind, the reality television show features a cut-throat competition further fueled by the whopping prize of 500,000,000.

The show features an eclectic mix of actors, experts, entertainers, and idols who stop at nothing to unveil solutions at every turn. Synonymous with its name, ‘The Devil’s Plan’ leads contestants on a whirlwind journey where they have to uncover the hidden secrets within the game. So, if you’re also wondering what is the mystery behind the Pieces, then look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Why Do the Pieces Connect?

‘The Devil’s Plan’ mandates that players or contestants with the highest number of Pieces will win the game. Consequently, each challenge within the series is structured in a manner conforming to this rule. The contestants stand to lose if they happen to lose all their Pieces during a game. Given this maxim in mind, the contestants fight tooth and nail to win each challenge and secure more Pieces.

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In the early stages of the competition, contestants Ha Seok-Jin, Lee Si-Won, and Kim Dong-Jae created an alliance and discerned that each Piece wasn’t a perfect square. Instead, there was a parting between these Pieces that allowed them to connect with each other. Naturally, they needed to keep winning and gain more Pieces to properly construct the final shape. While Dong-Jae was eliminated early on, Si-Won and Seok-Jin weren’t deterred. The duo managed to collate their resources to find the secret behind these Pieces.

Ultimately, the two actors managed to crack the code. The Pieces connected in a unique shape that resembled a quadrilateral polygon. The Pieces combined to form a convex quadrilateral that concealed yet another secret within itself. After Si-Won was sent to prison following a challenge, Seok-Jin managed to find the hidden alphabets that revealed themselves upon connecting the Pieces together. Seok-Jin successfully discerned the conspicuous letters on the Pieces and placed them correctly to reveal the code word, ‘Next Year.’

The Devil’s Plan Secret

While Seok-Jin cracked the code behind the Pieces, Si-Won managed to uncover a secret area within the prison that required a specific code. With this knowledge in mind, the duo decided to win a challenge so that they could enter the prison and further their position in the competition. To this end, Seok-Jin decided to eliminate Yeon-Woo and enter the prison with Si-Won.

Upon entering the enclosed quarters, the duo punched in the numerals corresponding with ‘Next Year.’ After dialling in 2024, a secret lair was revealed to the contestants. They entered a tunnel to find that ‘The Devil’s Plan’ offered a secret opportunity to those who found the lair. The contestants who find the location have the option to enter a hidden room where they will play a game that can either win them 10 Pieces or become the reason for their elimination.

Since only one player can enter the secret room each day, Si-Won decided to enter the game room and compete in a battle of wits. The contestants had to go head-to-head against a member of the production team in a Blind Five In A Row game. In the game, the player would have to place their stones on a board and create a line with their unique stones. However, the top layer of the player and the opponent’s stones would be the same, thereby driving the player into an optical confusion.

If the player aligns their stone with that of the opponent, they would automatically lose and get ousted. Si-Won decided to compete in the game but unfortunately lost and left the house on an abrupt note. However, Seok-Jin entered the secret lair later and managed to win against the opponent and earned 10 Pieces for winning the game in the secret lair.

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