Why Doesn’t Bo Cruz Play for the Philadelphia 76ers in Hustle?

Image Credit: Scott Yamano/Netflix

Netflix’s sports film ‘Hustle’ follows Stanley Sugarman, an international scout of the NBA franchise Philadelphia 76ers. During a scouting engagement in Spain, Stanley encounters Bo Cruz, a construction worker who astounds the scout with his street basketball skills. Bo’s basketball abilities and skills blow away Stanley’s mind and he does everything he can to make Bo a Sixer. Stanley’s determination and resilience finally pay off as Bo gets drafted into an NBA team, however, not the Philadelphia 76ers. Naturally, the viewers must be wondering what really stopped Bo from playing for the Sixers. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the same. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Why Doesn’t Bo Cruz Play for the Philadelphia 76ers?

Stanley’s plans for making Bo Cruz a part of the Philadelphia 76ers come to a dead-end when Vin Merrick decides against drafting him. Still, Stanley accompanies Bo to Philadelphia, gives him adequate training, and offers him an opportunity to get drafted into an NBA team with the help of his friend Leon Rich. Bo’s performance stuns executives of several NBA franchises. The Spanish player learns from his mistakes and doesn’t lose his mind even when Kermit Wilts provokes him. Stanley’s lessons help him dominate Kermit, the “hot prospect” in the impending draft.

Image Credit: Scott Yamano/Netflix

When Vin makes it clear that Bo doesn’t have a place in the Sixers, Stanley starts to believe that Bo getting picked by any franchise is a win. Still, Kat Merrick’s advanced role in the Sixers must have made the viewers think that Bo is heading to the Sixers. However, Bo eventually ends up in the Boston Celtics. Even though Bo overcomes his disreputation of having an assault charge in the past, Vin has already made his road to the Sixers difficult. When information concerning the charge gets leaked to the press, Vin publicly dismisses having any affiliation with the player on behalf of the Sixers.

Vin even tells the press that he let Stanley go for lying to the franchise. After making such harsh statements, drafting Bo may have affected Vin’s reputation. Thus, there’s a possibility that Vin has chosen to skip drafting Bo to save his face in front of the NBA community and media. Even though Kat gets involved in the affairs of the franchise more than ever, she may not have the complete authority to pick the player since Vin is still the co-owner of the franchise despite the mess he has made in the franchise.

Image Credit: Cassy Athena/Netflix

Kat may have even encountered the need to choose between Bo and Stanley. As someone who believes in Stanley’s experience, judgment, and capabilities, she may have chosen Stanley over Bo. She knows that Stanley can create any number of players like Bo again and such a belief may have led her to choose him over the sensational player. Otherwise, Bo may have gotten picked by the Celtics before the Sixers could choose their pick. During an open run, the Celtics executive Brad gets impressed by Bo and talks to Stanley about him. Brad realizes that Bo can have an impact on his team and may have drafted him before the Sixers.

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