Why Is Doughboy Not on Street Outlaws? Where Is He Now?

Street Outlaws‘ is a reality TV series that captures the drag racing/street racing culture with a flare and provides fans with some high-octane action. However, the interpersonal conflicts between the cast members and their flashy personalities provide this vehicle the fuel to go the distance. Naturally, fans dotingly follow their favorite cast members and regularly keep tabs on their whereabouts.

Recently, the viewers have had to deal with the absence of notable cast member Doughboy, who appears on the spin-off show ‘Street Outlaws: Memphis.’ Why is Doughboy missing in action? What happened to him? If these questions are messing with your head, allow us to share everything we know about Doughboy’s absence from the show.

Why Is Doughboy Not on Street Outlaws?

Josh Day, who goes by the street racing name “Doughboy,” is the eldest son of JJ Da Boss. Since the show mainly revolves around the friends and family of JJ in Memphis, Doughboy became an integral part of the show’s core cast and appeared consistently across the first four seasons. In the second episode of ‘Street Outlaws: Memphis,’ we saw Doughboy enter his first underground street racing as he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. After some initial struggles, he quickly proved himself a capable driver and won over the hearts of the viewers.

According to sources, Doughboy gained an interest in cars and racing from a very young age. However, he wrecked his first car, a ’64 Chevy Nova, in his early days. Later, he started racing in a ’62 Impala, which he calls Debo, and the car has become a part of his personality on the show. That is also believed to be the same car he used for his first race documented in the second episode of the show.

However, in the fifth season, Doughboy is nowhere to be seen, with no on-screen explanation given for his absence. Doughboy, his family, or the show’s producers are yet to make an official comment on the matter. There is some fan speculation that Doughboy got into some legal troubles that are keeping him off-camera. However, according to sources, JJ revealed that Doughboy has been nursing a nasty back injury that is preventing him from getting behind the wheel.

Where Is Doughboy Now?

While there is no confirmation on what exactly is keeping Doughboy from appearing on the show, some believe that the supposed legal troubles have landed him in jail. However, that seems like mere speculation, and there is no proof to back these claims. On the other hand, Doughboy was involved in a car accident that was documented in the second season of the show. Therefore, it is more likely that the injuries sustained due to possibly another accident are keeping Doughboy off the streets. The racer likes to keep his personal life private and hasn’t posted an update on social media in a couple of years.

Doughboy’s wife, Chelsea Day, continues to appear on the show. Some viewers believe that he can be briefly spotted towards the end of the seventh episode of season 5, which indicates that Doughboy is still living in Memphis. It is possible that he is currently staying home to look after his children and spending more time with his family rather than racing. Whatever is the reason behind Doughboy’s absence, it is likely that he will be returning to driving soon.

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