Are Wilder Bunke and Corey Potter From Couple to Throuple Still Together?

Seen in season 1 of Peacock’s ‘Couple to Throuple,’ Wilder Bunke and Corey Potter easily caught the attention of the world thanks to their charm and joyful nature. Their quest to find a third partner for their relationship while on the show was certainly not a straightforward one, but it did allow them to learn more about each other as well as their collective approach when it came to the idea of polyamory. Given their frankly intriguing on-screen journey, the world is quite eager to know if the two are still together.

Wilder Bunke and Corey Potter’s Couple to Throuple Experience

Both Wilder Bunke and Corey Potter entered the Peacock show with much enthusiasm, eager to welcome another person into their relationship as an equal. The two had gotten together at a party when they were in college. Apparently, Corey had been trying to make someone jealous and hence approached Wilder. The night ended with the latter getting a kiss and Corey’s number. Since then, the two have been in a passionate relationship and actually completed nine years together while on the show.

Soon after the start of the experiment, Wilder and Corey were introduced to various singles who could be their potential third partner. After they got to know the singles, the couple became interested in pursuing a connection with Denyse Davis. During the first matching ceremony, an impressive number of singles expressed a desire to be invited by Wilder and Corey to be a part of their relationship. The two themselves found the decision of choosing an easy as Denyse was one of the hopefuls, whom they picked happily.

Not long after, the groups of three took part in a physical challenge that tested their boundaries when it came to the physical aspect of their relationship. Corey stated that she wanted to see Wilder and Denyse try the physical challenge as she has had past experiences where Corey’s actions hurt her feelings. While Corey did not stop the two talking intimately, she did put a stop to the physical side of the experiment quickly. She stated that her reason was that she would rather be involved when such an intimate act is taking place. She also used the safe word to stop any kissing that might take place between the two.

Despite all this, the dynamic between Wilder, Corey, and Denyse was not impacted negatively. This was followed by a challenge where the couples were allowed to express interest in another single person by giving them a necklace. Wilder and Corey chose to give their necklace to Darrien Seqqoya, stating that while things were good with Denyse, they also found themselves intrigued by Darrien. However, for the second matching ceremony, Wilder and Corey chose not to swap and remained paired with Denyse.

In fact, as time progressed, the relationship between the three participants only grew more. It all came to a head in the tenth of truth when Denyse asked if she could be Wilder and Corey’s girlfriend. The couple in question was certainly on the same page, as they were more than happy to make things more official. When the next matching ceremony came around, Wilder certainly let his feelings be known by throwing out the chair where the third person would usually sit. Given the security that the three had in their relationship, Wilder, Corey, and Denyse realized that their purpose for coming on the show was completed and, hence, chose to exit the experiment.

Wilder Bunke and Corey Potter Have Not Shared an Update

We are excited to share that Wilder Bunke and Corey Potter continue to be in a relationship. Given the complicated challenges that the couples often had to undergo in ‘Couple to Throuple,’ the world could not help but wonder if the two were able to make it through. However, it seems like the two have not only completed the experiment but have come out to the other side together and stronger, much to the joy of those who enjoyed seeing them on the show.

Based in Los Angeles, California, Wilder and Corey often enjoy being in each other’s company, especially when going out. From Halloween to weddings, the two can be found enjoying each other’s company and living life to the fullest. As for their main purpose for coming on the show, the two did leave with Denyse Davis but have since not shared any update about whether or not the three-way relationship continues to exist. However, Corey has promised in her Instagram comment section that they will “be releasing more about that soon!!”

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