Will Alicia Die in Fear the Walking Dead Season 7? [Theories]

Image Credit: Lauren "Lo" Smith/AMC

When the seventh season of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ premiered without Alicia Clark, the ardent admirers of the show started to worry about the character’s fate. After a considerable break, Alicia appears in the seventh episode of the season and reveals that she is the leader of Dwight and Sherry’s group. In the next episode, she reveals to Morgan that she got bit by a walker while she was trying to escape from the custody of Teddy and his Doomsday Cult. Alicia’s revelation has shaken the viewers severely, who must be worrying whether she will die in the season. Well, let us share our thoughts regarding the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Alicia Die?

When the dead Senator Vazquez bits Alicia, she manages to amputate her arm to avoid infection. Upon the amputation, she suffers from fever without consciousness for a week. Will saves and cares for her after the incident. Alicia, however, fails to determine whether she is virus-free. As far as Alicia is concerned, her recurrent fevers can be due to either the zombie virus or any other infection she contracts when she amputated her arm under extremely adverse conditions. Either way, Alicia’s health is in grave danger, especially in light of her fainting episodes in the ninth episode of season 7.

Image Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

Still, it is unlikely that Alicia will die anytime soon. According to co-showrunner Ian Goldberg, Alicia is a principal character in the second half of season 7, which indicates that she will stay alive, at least till towards the end of the season. “Well, one thing we will definitely see across 7B is the rise of Alicia as a leader. […] Alicia [will] dig really deep and actually forge her own path in a way that honors Madison [Alicia’s mother] but is completely unique to Alicia. She’s really going to come into her own as a leader in the back half of the season,” Goldberg told EW.

Considering Goldberg’s words, we can be sure that there’s a lot to unfold in Alicia’s storyline before she fights her last battle against death. Furthermore, the ambiguity regarding Alicia’s presumed infection indicates a possibility that she is not actually infected by the zombie virus as she believes. In the same interview, Goldberg clarified that “she doesn’t know exactly what’s going on with her” and the symptoms she displays can be due to a non-fatal disease, condition, or infection. Alicia’s sickness can even be the result of low exposure to radiation after the nuclear blast, which is not expected to become a cause of death at least for a considerable number of years.

Image Credit: Lauren “Lo” Smith/AMC

The alarming condition of Alicia’s health isn’t the only concern that threatens her life. As she prepares for a war against Strand to seize the control of the Tower, Strand may get forced to defend his fort with all his might. Arno’s desire to take revenge on Alicia for sacrificing the lives of several survivors for her to reach PADRE is another menace in her life. However, Strand may not kill Alicia since she is like family to him. Arno, on the other hand, may get defeated by Strand before he manages to hurt Alicia since he is planning to conquer Strand’s Tower.

As the ninth episode of season 7 sets the foundation for a potential war between Alicia, Strand, and Arno, we can hope that she will survive the predicament alive upon likely defeating the other two oppositions. Alicia is one of the most significant characters in ‘Fear the Walking Dead.’ The scope she offers to the narrative of the show moving forward is exceptional enough to not write off the character in the near future. We can hope that her adverse health condition is nothing but a plot device to introduce tension and conflicts to the engrossing narrative of season 7 than a warning signal of her possible death.

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