Who is Paul in FTWD? Is He Dead? Who Plays Him?

Image Credit: Lauren "Lo" Smith/AMC

In the ninth episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 7, Alicia wakes up from an unsettling dream at a stranger’s house. She encounters Paul, the house owner, who explains to her that he brought her home upon seeing her lay unconsciously in a barn. The two of them get to know each other and even listen to the emotional difficulties the other one goes through. When Paul realizes that Alicia is in danger, he even risks his own life to save her. If you are eager to know more about the new character and his fate, let us be your ally! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who is Paul?

Paul is a deaf pianist, who lived with his wife and fellow musician Rowan before the nuclear blast. When Rowan died due to the blast, Paul started to live alone. He stooped to loneliness and the painful memories of his late wife. The only consolation Paul has in his life is music. He never stopped playing his piano and always played something on the stereo to feel the music in his home. Music, in a way, became his sole consolation after the death of the love of his life.

Paul is a kind and compassionate human being. When he came across Alicia, he tends to her with medicines to treat her fever. Even when Arno arrives at his home with guns and walkers to find and kill Alicia, he unflinchingly protects her. In his sensitiveness, Alicia finds an understanding companion, which leads her to invite him to join her group. Paul’s wisdom also helps Alicia to decode the real meaning of her dream, which motivates her to continue her efforts for the sake of her group.

Is Paul Dead?

Yes, Paul is dead. After accepting Alicia’s invitation to join her group, Paul tells her that he needs to see Arno’s death before they set out to join her fellow survivors. He tells Arno to arrive at his home with a plan in mind. When Arno comes with his soldiers, Paul plays music loudly, attracting a large group of walkers to his home. He wants Arno and others to get killed by the walkers for him to accompany Alicia. However, amid the fight, Arno shoots at Paul. Realizing that he cannot join Alicia in such a state, he forces her to leave without him and stalls Arno for her to escape without any obstacles. Arno eventually kills him for assisting his enemy to get away.

Alicia’s arrival in Paul’s life changes him completely. For the first time after the death of Rowan, Paul feels a presence that touches his soul. Alicia’s companionship, even for a few hours, brightens his solitary life. Her invitation to accompany her makes him feel that the world hasn’t shut down completely. Rather than continuing to immerse himself in the void of his wife’s death, Paul decides to start a new chapter of his life with Alicia and her friends.

However, his aspiration comes to a standstill when he gets shot. Upon realizing that he needs to sacrifice his own life for the safe escape of Alicia, he gladly does that. The ray of hope and happiness Alicia brings to his life was enough for Paul to decide to sacrifice himself for the sake of the former. By engaging Arno, Paul returns an unparalleled favor to Alicia, although it costs him his life. Alicia manages to calm the emotional distress Paul has been experiencing ever since Rowan’s death and in return, he gladly helps her to save her life by accepting death.

Who Plays Paul?

Warren “Wawa” Snipe, famed deaf actor, rapper, and performer, plays Paul. His early acting credits include ‘Dr. Hand,’ ‘If You Could Hear My Own Tune,’ and ‘The Tuba Thieves.’ He appears in The CW’s superhero series ‘Black Lightning’ and PBS’ ‘American Masters,’ specifically in the ‘Becoming Helen Keller’ episode. He performed “The Star-Spangled Banner” at Super Bowl LV with Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan. The performer returned to Super Bowl in 2022 with fellow deaf rapper Sean Forbes to perform sign-language interpretations of the songs of the headliners.

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