Will Daryl Dixon Return to the United States or Stay in France? Theories

The first season of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon’ ends with Daryl Dixon trying to decide whether he should return to the United States or stay in France. When he waits for a boat to take him away from the country, Laurent shows up unexpectedly, stopping him from boarding the same. He fails to ignore the boy and walks to the boat to return home but the people waiting for him back in the Commonwealth stop him from reuniting with the French child. So, what will Daryl decide? Will he extend his stay in the country? Let us share our take on the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Father Figure

Daryl is stuck between choosing Laurent and his home. Although he wants to return to the United States to reunite with his family in the Commonwealth, he doesn’t have the emotional strength to ignore Laurent’s love for him. Laurent has been living under the care and protection of Daryl for a while, which makes him develop an attachment to the latter. Daryl doesn’t want to cruelly severe the same and disappear from the child’s life, which explains why he stops himself from boarding the boat to leave France. Daryl knows what it takes to live alone and he doesn’t want Laurent to experience the same.

As Laurent’s father figure, Daryl may choose to extend his stay in France. He may wait till the boy settles in at the Nest so that he wouldn’t feel alone in the enormous establishment. Daryl may also try to convince Laurent that several people are waiting for him in the Commonwealth, including children like him, which makes his return essential. Although the boy may not accept the reasoning right away, the maturity he has always shown is an indication that he will eventually give his permission for Daryl to go. Until then, Daryl may need to stay at the Nest for the child.

Furthermore, Daryl may want to stay in France until Madame Genet stops being a threat. He most likely will stay to protect Laurent from the forces of Pouvoir Du Vivant. Once he decides to cancel his American trip, Daryl may not leave Laurent behind in the hands of the Nest’s Christian missionaries, who seemingly aren’t capable enough to shield the boy from Genet.

Carol’s Journey to France

Daryl sooner than later may learn about Carol’s expedition to find him. The people at the Commonwealth may inform him about the same if he contacts them to say that he is planning to stay in France for a little longer. If that’s the case, Daryl may wait for his best friend’s arrival in the European country. Carol’s fate then may determine the duration of Daryl’s stay in France. If Carol ends up in the hands of Genet upon arriving in the country to find her best friend, Daryl can only leave the region after rescuing the former from the paramilitary leader.

Daryl may need to battle the forces of Genet to not just protect Laurent but also to save Carol from any dangers. If there’s one thing that he will not be able to stand no matter what, it can be any harm befalling Carol. He may put a pause to all his plans to rescue and protect Carol and his efforts to do the same may form the principal narrative of the already-announced second season of the series. Melissa McBride, who plays Carol, recently revealed that her character’s journey is continuing in a “new world,” which has to be France. If Carol is on French soil, Daryl can only be in the same country.

One way or another, Daryl may need to stay in France. However, his stay may not last for a long while. He has a family to look after in the Commonwealth and Rick Grimes to find. Therefore, his return home is an inevitability even if it takes him several months or years to leave France. If Laurent cannot bid adieu to him, he may even consider taking the child to the Commonwealth with him and Carol.

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