Will Devon Leave Chastain? Is Manish Dayal Leaving The Resident?

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The fifth season of FOX’s medical series ‘The Resident’ follows Devon Pravesh’s emergence as one of the brightest and most capable doctors in oncology. His clinical trial results receive immense acclaim from the country’s medical community, paving the way for a job offer from a reputed research hospital in Baltimore. Even though Devon initially considers the position, his reunion with Leela Devi changes his mind to stay in Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. However, the developments that unravel in the sixth season premiere of the show may alarm the viewers regarding Devon’s future at the hospital. Well, here’s what we think about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Devon Leave Chastain?

When Devon receives an offer from a Baltimore hospital, his boss Kit Voss makes it clear that she is ready to match any offer the former research institution makes. Since Devon wants to be far away from Leela, he decides against staying back at Chastain. However, their reunion makes him continue his career where he has developed as a doctor and scientist. Upon Devon’s decision to reject the new job offer, Voss finds a sponsor for preparing a lab for Devon so that he can continue his trials at Chastain itself. Since Voss’ efforts yield incredible results, Devon doesn’t regret his decision to continue his career at Chastain, however, likely only for a short time.

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In the sixth season premiere, Voss reveals to Devon that the sponsor of his upcoming trial decided to collaborate with the same research institution in Baltimore instead of Chastain because of the former hospital’s facilities and reputation. The turn of events may make Devon think whether he is wasting his years at Chastain when the very institution he rejected is going to set the stage for a significant clinical trial. If Devon wants to solely focus on his career advancement, Chastain may not be the right place for the same. Considering that the new governor is expected to cut the funds of the healthcare sector as Voss fears, Devon may find it hard to raise funds for his trials while being at Chastain.

Having said that, Devon may not be in a haste to leave Chastain since he is rebuilding his relationship with Leela. Considering Leela’s posting as the new chief resident at Chastain, Devon is expected to stay at the same hospital and support his partner while planning their life together. If that’s the case, Devon may get tempted to prioritize building a family over finding a new hospital to propel his career. Still, the possibility of Devon’s departure from Chastain must have alarmed the viewers concerning Manish Dayal’s future in the show. Let us share what we know about the actor’s possible exit.

Is Manish Dayal Leaving The Resident?

Neither FOX nor Manish Dayal has released a statement concerning the actor’s departure from ‘The Resident,’ indicating that Dayal most likely will remain a part of the show’s cast. In addition, Dayal’s Devon features in the promotional photographs of the upcoming episodes of the show, which indicates that the actor is not departing the show in the immediate future. In the first episode of season 6, Voss talks to Ian Sullivan about raising funds for the hospital. In light of Ian’s promise that he will help Voss to raise funds for the hospital, we can expect that Ian’s charm will secure funds for Devon to move forward with his trials without leaving Chastain.

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Since Padma Devi is having a difficult pregnancy period, Devon may need to be there for Padma, Leela, and the father of Padma’s babies, August Jeremiah “AJ/The Raptor” Austin. Considering these factors, we believe that Manish Dayal most likely will continue featuring in ‘The Resident.’

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