Will Jo and Link End Up Together in Grey’s Anatomy? Theories

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Atticus “Link” Lincoln and Jo Wilson’s togetherness is one of the most intricate relationships in ABC’s medical series ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ When Link and Jo face challenges with their past relationships, they have extended their support to each other, making each other’s lives easier. What starts as an endearing companionship grows to become a romantic connection, only for both of them to put an end to the same. Still, Link and Jo have feelings for each other deep inside their hearts. In the third episode of the nineteenth season, we get to see a glimpse of the same, making one wonder whether they will ever end up together. Well, let us share our thoughts regarding the same!

Will Jo and Link End Up Together?

Ever since Atticus “Link” Lincoln’s arrival at Grey Sloan as an orthopedic surgeon, he has formed an admirable companionship with Jo Wilson. When Link’s life takes a turn due to his separation from Amelia Shepherd, Jo makes sure that he isn’t struggling alone. Although she has her own battles to fight, she finds time and energy to be Link’s support system. Gradually, they get closer not only emotionally but also physically. In the ninth episode of the eighteenth season, Link and Jo finally hook up, marking the growth of their relationship. However, their physical intimacy affects them in an unexpected way.

Image Credit: Liliane Lathan/ABC

Rather than seeing the intimacy as a sign of their growing relationship, Link and Jo approach the same as the killer of their friendship. They decide to not share intimacy anymore so that they can protect their friendship from getting affected in any way. As two people who had to suffer several painful experiences, it is understandable that they need each other in their lives as support systems, and being friends can be the best way to make it possible. Thus, they decide against uniting as a couple. Still, their feelings for each other don’t evaporate from their hearts.

In the third episode of the nineteenth season, Link and Jo think about having sex although they have chosen not to do it. Even though they are trying their best to restrain their intense feelings for each other, the same feelings are finding a way to get expressed. So, can we expect their union? Likely not soon. Link separates from the mother of his child Amelia because she doesn’t believe in the institution of marriage like him. Jo seemingly knows that Link wants to get married if their relationship becomes a reality. Their union, if it will ever happen, possibly will depend on Jo’s readiness to commit to him in a marital union.

Image Credit: Liliane Lathan/ABC

Jo has a troubled relationship with the institution of marriage. Her first husband Paul Stadler was an abusive husband who had hurt her terribly. She had to battle the traumas of the past severely to believe in marriage to marry Alex Karev, who left her to reunite with his ex-wife Izzie. Jo may not be very enthusiastic about marriage after two terrible experiences. However, it doesn’t mean that she will not ever marry Link if their relationship becomes a reality. But Link may need an awful lot of convincing to do for Jo to believe in the institution of marriage again.

Link and Jo need to understand that their friendship can continue to exist even if they become a romantic couple. A committed relationship doesn’t necessarily kill the support they offer each other. Rather, such a relationship enables them to help the other more intimately. If they realize the same, the chances of Link and Jo ending up together are indeed high. Since Amelia is in a relationship with Kai Bartley, Jo also may not need to worry about her return to Link’s life. Thus, we can be hopeful that they will confront their feelings for each other and decide to take the next step rather than run away from it.

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