Will Kelly and Stella Break Up or Stay Together in Chicago Fire?

Image Credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC

Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd of NBC’s action series ‘Chicago Fire’ forms one of the most celebrated on-screen relationships on television of our times. Although the couple has to confront several challenges, both personal and professional, they always find a way to overcome the same. In the second half of the eleventh season, Severide leaves for Alabama for a training program on short notice. As the one who knows about Severide’s passion for his job better than anyone, Stella supports her husband’s decision to attend the same. However, the firefighter disappears from her life after the training program, threatening their relationship with his unrevealed actions. Does that mean Severide and Stella will part ways as a couple? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Future of Severide and Stella’s Relationship

Kelly Severide leaves for a training program in Alabama when a spot opens up at the last minute. Since he has been excelling in arson investigations, Severide realizes that the opportunity to polish and develop his investigative skills will benefit him greatly, which leads him to leave his wife Stella Kidd and his Firehouse 51 family. During Severide’s absence, Joe Cruz becomes the acting lieutenant of the former’s squad and excels in his job despite the high demands of the same. In the twenty-first episode of season 11, a fire chief commends Cruz’s excellence in his new post, only for him to reply that he is trying his best until Severide returns from Alabama.

Image Credit: Adrian Burrows/NBC

The fire chief reveals to Cruz that Severide’s training in Alabama was completed a while ago. According to the former, Severide impressed the ATF enough for them to include him in an investigation. Cruz then talks to Stella about the same, only for her to get stunned upon hearing the news since her husband hasn’t informed her of the completion of the training program. Naturally, the viewers must be wondering whether the lack of communication between the husband and wife is a sign of them growing apart. Well, not necessarily.

The ardent admirers of the show may remember that Severide and Stella haven’t been the best couple when it comes to communication. Stella has disappeared from Severide’s life when she immerses herself in her “Girls on Fire” program to motivate young girls to become firefighters. Severide can be repeating the same by not telling Stella about the ATF investigation and his part in the same. Once he completes the investigation, we can expect the firefighter to return to Chicago and make amends with his wife as she does in the tenth season of the series.

Image Credit: Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC

Severide and Stella are not a perfect couple. However, they are perfect when they have to understand each other, which is the foundation of their togetherness. When Stella becomes a lieutenant, they even find a way to deal with the change in their professional relationship. The couple has always excelled in finding a way to deal with challenges rather than letting the same affect their togetherness beyond repair. Therefore, considering the trajectory of their relationship, it is safe to say that we most likely will see them stay together as a couple.

Having said that, it is unknown when we will get to see a possible resolution to the conflict between Severide and Stella. NBC hasn’t yet announced when Taylor Kinney, who plays Severide, will return to the series after his temporary departure from the procedural drama. We may only see Severide and Stella resolving their concerns completely after the actor’s possible return to the show. Although the chances of Severide and Stella breaking up are low, it’s not an impossibility. If Kinney leaves the series for good, the writers of the show may get forced to write Severide off. If that’s the case in the future, the two firefighters’ separation can be a part of the conclusion of Severide’s story arc.

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