Will Mike and Nikki Break Up in Alert? Theories

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FOX’s police procedural series ‘Alert’ revolves around Nikki Batista, the head of Philadelphia PD’s Missing Persons Unit (MPU). Nikki assumed the responsibility of the unit after the abduction of her own son Keith. Although she has to carry the weight of not finding him for six years, she makes several parents’ lives better by finding and rescuing numerous sons and daughters along with her colleague Mike Sherman. The colleagues eventually became partners as they even start to see their marriage on the horizon. However, Keith’s return to Nikki’s life threatens her togetherness with Mike, alarming the viewers. So, will they break up? Let us share what we know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Mike and Nikki Break Up?

After Keith’s disappearance, Nikki and her husband Jason Grant’s togetherness didn’t last long. Both of them eventually got separated, which ultimately led Nikki to her colleague Mike. As her relationship with Mike gets stronger, Nikki realizes that she needs to legally separate from Jason and makes him sign the divorce papers. The same day, Mike proposes to Nikki and they get engaged. Mike’s happiness, however, doesn’t last long since Jason returns to Nikki’s life with startling news concerning their long-gone son Keith. Nikki and Jason end up finding and reuniting with Keith or a boy who pretends to be the disappeared son of the couple.

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Along with the presumed Keith, Jason also re-enters Nikki’s life significantly as the two parents join hands to celebrate the return of their son. Mike realizes that he is not a part of the family that comprises Nikki, Jason, Keith, and Sidney, which causes enough sadness in him. Jason joining MPU to work with his ex-wife further troubles Mike since the last thing he wants is for Nikki to get back together with her ex-husband. Further complicating the predicament, Mike gets forced to take the engagement ring back from Nikki in the second episode of the show.

However, the viewers may not need to worry about Mike and Nikki breaking up since their relationship is stronger than ever. In Mike, Nikki has someone who can sacrifice his happiness for the greater good of their togetherness. Mike takes the engagement ring back from his fiancée only for Keith to be comfortable with his mother. Since he has already expressed his displeasure about seeing his father and mother separate, Nikki doesn’t want to further hurt him with any indication of her potential marriage with Mike. Even when the latter removes the ring, she makes sure that she will be able to get it back anytime she wants, which further depicts how strong they are as a couple.

Image Credit: Philippe Bosse/FOX

Although Jason’s growing presence in Nikki’s life is a concern for Mike, he is expected to not stoop to immense jealousy and suspicion, especially when Nikki has been reaffirming her love for him. Mike’s trust in Nikki is evident in his decision to support the latter when she facilitates Jason’s appointment at the MPU. Even though Jason doesn’t want to part ways with Nikki, the latter has made it clear that they are done as a couple without leaving much room for her ex-husband to even consider getting back together with her.

Furthermore, Mike is mature enough to understand that Jason will always remain a part of Nikki’s life as the father of her children. Although pangs of jealousy are expected to trouble Mike now and then, it is unlikely that the same will grow enough for him to break up with Nikki. As the show progresses, we may see Nikki and Mike cherishing their togetherness even when the former team up with Jason to unravel the mystery behind Keith.

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