Will Sylvie Brett Quit? Is Kara Killmer Leaving Chicago Fire?

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The twentieth episode of NBC’s action series ‘Chicago Fire’ season 11 follows several intriguing happenings concerning the firefighters and paramedics of Firehouse 51. Stella Kidd deals with a stalker with the help of Sam Carver while Kylie Estevez gets closer to fulfilling her dream of becoming a firefighter. Christopher Herrmann deals with his temper issues as his colleagues give him a hard time concerning the same. However, the most astounding part of the episode is when Sylvie Brett expresses her intention of quitting as a paramedic to leave the fire station. Following her startling announcement, should we be concerned about Sylvie’s fate in the series? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Sylvie Brett Quit?

In the twentieth episode of the eleventh season, Sylvie and her companion Violet Mikami are called to a house to deal with a medical emergency. Since the call is an emergency, they don’t get enough time to make sure that their ambulance and paramedic bag are properly stocked with essential materials. After arriving at the scene, Sylvie and Violet try to save a newborn baby’s life. When Sylvie asks for a device to resuscitate the baby, Violet fails to find the same in the bag. Still, they manage to save the baby’s life as Sylvie’s experience and wisdom come to the former’s rescue.

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After returning to the firehouse, Sylvie and Violet complain to Chief Wallace Boden about the shift before them since they forgot to properly stock the paramedic bag. Boden looks into the same, which infuriates Adler, the person responsible for ensuring that the bag is properly stocked. Adler confronts Sylvie and Violet concerning their complaint, only for the former to announce that she will quit her job if the latter wasn’t charged with her negligence. Boden initially, however, doesn’t charge Adler since it is a mistake as he settles the predicament with a warning. Upon knowing about the same, Sylvie informs Boden of her wish to quit. Does that mean we have seen the last of Kara Killmer in the series? Let’s see.

Is Kara Killmer Leaving Chicago Fire?

As of now, neither NBC nor Kara Killmer released a statement concerning the actress’ departure from ‘Chicago Fire.’ First of all, Sylvie doesn’t need to quit her job since Boden eventually changes his decision. He looks into Adler’s records and finds out that she has been committing similar mistakes for a while. Boden, upon realizing that he needs to charge her to avoid any tragedies, takes strict action against the paramedic. Since Adler is charged, Sylvie doesn’t have to quit anymore. Therefore, we may not need to worry about the paramedic’s future at Firehouse 51.

The particular storyline concerning Sylvie’s wish to quit must have been conceived to add tension to the narrative of the show, especially since the eleventh season is progressing toward its conclusion. Furthermore, the writers of the series make use of the narrative development to shed light on the paramedic’s past as she reveals to Boden that she got connected to the baby she saved because her mother was 16 like the baby’s mother when she was born. Considering the same, it is clear that Sylvie’s astounding announcement is nothing but a spur-of-the-moment decision rather than something she makes after much deliberation.

After Jesse Spencer’s exit in season 10 and Taylor Kinney’s temporary exit in season 11, the last thing the creative heads behind the show may want is the departure of another significant cast member. Thus, we may not need to worry about the writers writing Sylvie off, which is necessary for the actress to leave the series. Since Killmer hasn’t expressed any desire to leave the show, we believe that she most likely will continue featuring in ‘Chicago Fire.’ We can expect her ex-boyfriend Matthew Casey’s possible return to her life in the eleventh season finale to threaten the togetherness she shares with Dylan.

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