Will There be a Børning 4?

‘Asphalt Burning,’ also known as ‘Børning 3,’ is an action-comedy that features all things cars. We meet the protagonist, Roy, who is a 30-something car enthusiast. In each installation of the franchise, he meets with a different set of challenges that he must overcome by using his racing abilities. Due to the series’ wacky and quirky narrative, it has amassed a massive fan base globally. As such, it is no surprise then that people want to know about the possibility of a sequel. Well, fasten your seatbelts, because here’s everything we know about ‘Børning 4.’ 

Børning 4 Release Date

‘Asphalt Burning’ premiered on October 14, 2020, in Norway, although the pre-premiere was held a few days before on October 9, 2020. It was released internationally on January 2, 2021, on the streaming giant Netflix. Fans of the franchise were content with the fast-paced car sequences and the humorous story, as it is exactly what they expected in the first place.

In the third film, a series of events put Roy’s wedding in jeopardy after his uncertain bride runs away. He is challenged to a race by Robyn, who also likes his fiancee, Sylvia. The stakes are truly high as the adventurous road trip to Nürburgring, Germany, is full of various people from “hot chicks” to the police. Roy must put his best foot forward if he wishes to win back his lady love. After all, the race isn’t over until it is. 

With a movie like ‘Asphalt Burning,’ it is hard to ascertain whether the plot contains clues for a possible sequel. However, such franchises also have their own place in our cinematic universe, and fans would definitely love to see another rendition in the future. Hence, it could be possible that ‘Børning 4’ is given a thumbs up sometime later. If that happens, we can expect Roy to face some tumultuous circumstances yet again.

In previous iterations, Roy’s daughter has played a pivotal role in the story. In ‘Asphalt Burning,’ it is his fiancee. Hence, in ‘Børning 4,’ it is likely that a female character will take center stage once again. We expect that the mother of his child will be the one who will kickstart a series of events that will eventually lead to Roy participating in another race somewhere in the world. However, only time will tell which directions the filmmakers are headed in.

As far as the cast is concerned, we will, in all likelihood, see Anders Baasmo Christiansen reprise his role as Roy. In ‘Asphalt Burning,’ we have some other major players: Ruby O. Fee as Romy, Alexandra Maria Lara as Robyn, Kostja Ullmann as Tyske Roy, and Kathrine Thorborg Johansen as Sylvia. They may also make a comeback in ‘Børning 4.’ If the sequel is greenlit, we can expect it to release sometime in 2023 or later.

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