Will There be a True to The Game 4?

Based on the classic trilogy by celebrated author Teri Woods, ‘True to The Game’ is a gripping crime romance movie franchise. The story delves into the crime-laden underworld of Philadelphia. The life of Gena Hollins, an ordinary girl from Philadelphia, takes an extraordinary turn. She starts dating the infamous drug dealer Quadir Richards. Although she is initially reluctant, Quadir’s grounded persona wins her heart in no time.

Quadir wants to stay out of the titular game. However, they gradually get wrapped up in the web of lies, crimes, and misery. After Preston A. Whitmore II and Jamal Hill directed the first two movies, David Wolfgang came onboard to helm the third movie. The third movie revives Quadir for a happy ending, but some of you may wonder whether this is the end of the road for the fan-favorite pair. If you are looking for prospects regarding the franchise’s future, allow us to spill all the beans.

True to The Game 4 Release Date

‘True to The Game 3’ premiered on December 3, 2021, on limited theatre screens. Although initially slated for an August 2021 release, the release date was later shifted to December. Let us now delve into the prospects of a follow-up movie.

Neither the producers nor the directors have divulged anything about a possible sequel. Devoid of an official announcement, we scratch the surface in the dark. However, there may be a silver lining, a spark, especially since the third part sends the ball out of the park. It ups the ante by bringing to life an emotional and touching story, full of raw emotions—the whole cast returns for the third venture. And the critics could not ignore the electrifying ambiance they create in the movie.

The critics and fans were unanimous in their praise, and all thought the story to be a fitting conclusion to the cerebral trilogy. There were no polarities in reception as such. Crime romance is its own niche genre that is not known for sequels. However, this franchise was exceptional since author Teri Woods conceived the story in three parts. The third film is borrowed from the third book of the series, written in 2008. After the success of her first series, Teri Woods has written a few more bestselling series such as ‘Dutch,’ ‘Alibi,’ and ‘Deadly Reigns.’

However, she did not continue the ‘True to The Game’ series beyond the trilogy. Although she mentioned revamping the books in an interview in 2013, she did not say anything about expanding it. Therefore, it would be safe to assume that she referred to her re-release contract with Hachette Book Group USA in the interview. It seems that with the third movie, the franchise expends all of the original material. The third outing also wraps the story in a tidy manner. Considering all the aspects mentioned above, it seems highly unlikely that the ‘True to The Game’ season 4 will ever be made.

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