Will Valentina and Charlie Get Back Together in HIMYF?

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In Hulu’s sitcom ‘How I Met Your Father,’ Valentina and Charlie form a highly appealing relationship. Even when Sophie ends up having trouble after trouble with every man she dates, Valentina and Charlie cherish a strong bond. They also prioritize being intimate with each other and their closeness makes their friends root for their ultimate union. However, their relationship gets threatened when they realize that they both want different things in life. When Sid and Hannah celebrate their marital union, Valentina and Charlie break up. The fifteenth episode of the second season offers a glimpse of their union before their separation, making the viewers intrigued about the prospects of their reunion. Well, here’s what we can share about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Valentina and Charlie Get Back Together?

Valentina and Charlie’s endearing relationship meets a dead end when the latter insists that he doesn’t want to be a father in the future. Charlie had a severely hard childhood, especially since he was ignored by his mother. The traumas associated with the same make him question his abilities to take care of kids when he becomes a father, which leads him to make the decision not to be one. Valentina, on the other hand, always wanted a big family. She wants to raise her own children, which is the exact opposite of what Charlie wants. Realizing that their aspirations are different, they break up.

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However, Valentina and Charlie’s separation doesn’t kill their love for one another. They continue to share intimacy while pretending that they don’t have feelings for one another. After putting an end to the same, Valentina and Charlie start to date other people but in deep down their hearts, they still nurture feelings for each other, which makes their reunion indeed a possibility. In the fifteenth episode of the second season, Valentina decides to marry Swish, especially after her parents start to adore him and ask her to marry the college-goer. Valentina then changes her mind about the impending marriage when Sophie reminds her of Charlie being her “endgame.”

Valentina considers Charlie the love of her life. She accepts that they both want different things in life at present but she is hopeful that their wants will align in the future, paving the way for their reunion. Although she has been romantically involved with several men before and after Charlie, he is the only one who gets severely loved by her. Valentina acknowledges that distinction and waits for them to seek the same things in the future for getting back together. As Valentina hopes, their reunion isn’t an absolute impossibility, especially since Charlie has never stopped loving her even after their breakup.

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Charlie doesn’t want to have kids not because he wouldn’t love them but because he is scared he will be like his mother, whose good fortune separated her from her son. Charlie doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes his parent committed after having him. In his mind, his mother became a spiteful woman after giving birth to him. He doesn’t want to turn into a spiteful parent himself after having kids rather than becoming a kind and generous father. Charlie’s fears eventually may go away as he may get convinced that he is not his mother. With the help of his friends, he may realize that the kindness and compassion in him will not evaporate just because he becomes a father.

If that’s the case, Valentina and Charlie will indeed get back together. As Sophie believes, her best friend and close friend may reunite after settling the differences between them. Jesse, Ellen, Sid, and Hannah may help Charlie realize that he is too good a person to change like his mother, which is expected to make him get back together with Valentina.

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