William “Too Tall” Sloan: Navajo Nation Cop Now Resides in Phoenix

It was reportedly back when William “Too Tall” Sloan was just a young boy that he developed a deep interest in the world of policing, only for it to continue expanding as the years passed by. “Growing up, we had some pretty crazy neighbors around…,” he candidly said in HBO’s ‘Navajo Police: Class 57.’ “Lot of trouble that was going on; we didn’t have a man in the house to stand up to several people raising their voices or being physical. The cops would show up. It was kind of inspirational. I would see them just approach the situation. They didn’t do anything physical or anything. They just walked over there well-mannered and handled the situation.”

Apart from this, the reason William wished to be a Navajo Police Officer in particular was because he’d grown to realize a “lot of people on the reservation need help,” and he wanted to do his part. He did briefly have to waver from this dream to relocate to Portland, Oregon, to provide for his family — he’s a proud married father of one — but returned the moment he found a seemingly good enough job within the Nation. And from there, this extremely tall young man’s path gradually led him to enroll into the independent Police Training Academy for the 2021-2022 session, only for everything he’d hoped for to soon unfortunately come crashing down.

After all, William was fired/forced to resign within mere weeks owing to a criminal property damage felony case against him that he’d failed to disclose — it was recent, and the matter was ongoing. It turns out he’d allegedly done some damage following a heated argument with his wife while drunk — he’d reportedly picked up a rock and put it through the window of his mother-in-law’s vehicle. This Page native’s lack of openness regarding the issue, as well as the severity of his actions, resulted in him being not just unable to continue with training but also marked forever ineligible for re-hire.

Where is William “Too Tall” Sloan Now?

According to records, the charges against William were ultimately dismissed for good, and he soon moved outside the reservation — to Phoenix, Arizona — to again provide for his little family. It’s actually unclear precisely what his household dynamic is at the moment considering he prefers to keep his personal life well away from the limelight, but it appears highly likely he’s still married. We honestly can’t know this for certain, yet the way William is presented in the documentary series as an unwavering man who’ll do anything for his brood, it’s possible all was forgiven since no one (fortunately) got hurt.

“I’m a family person. I have a wife and son,” the traditional, spiritual Native American who also has a lot of respect for Christians had assuredly expressed in the original. “Before I joined the academy, I had a lot going on. I just lost my mom [a Christian] last year [in 2021] due to COVID. A lot of other people I was close to, like my grandparents, they passed away. A lot of the knowledge that I carry on today was carried off by my grandparents. They taught me a lot of things about like how to take care of your family, how to take care of yourself. You just got to watch over everyone. The same way you take care of yourself is how you should watch over your people.” Honestly, we just hope he now sticks to this path and is able to do wonders in whatever comes next for him.

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