Willie Gary: The Burial Attorney is Happily Married and Has Four Kids

Image Credit: Gary Law Group/Facebook

The relentless fight to bring justice pits Willie E. Gary against the biggest corporate powers of the country in ‘The Burial.’ Based on the South Florida Attorney’s real life, the courtroom drama chronicles the journey of the lawyer as he attempts to take down the country’s corporate giants on behalf of his clients. With Jamie Foxx and Amanda Warren embodying the role of “The Giant Killer” and his spouse, fans have become curious to know more about the man and his wife who inspired the movie. So, if you’re also wondering more about the life of attorney Willie Gary and his wife, then look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Willie Gary and His Wife Gloria

Born and raised in Indiatown, Willie and his wife, Gloria, met in their youth. One of 11 children, Willie, was born in a family of migrant farming communities. To find work, his parents would consistently relocate to Florida, Georgia, or the Carolinas. As the offspring of migrant workers, Willie and Gloria’s childhood wasn’t that different. Given their parent’s occupations, the two would attend school together in the mornings. As afternoon neared, they would return home and bus out to work in the fields to contribute to the household’s income. Having shared the same plight as children, the two would often dream about a better future in the fields. In tune with their ambition to make a difference, Willie and Gloria committed to completing their education. Together, the duo attended Shaw University in Raleigh, North Carolina.

While Gloria earned a degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology, Willie completed his Bachelor’s in Business Administration, funded by a football scholarship. Later, Willie completed his Juris Doctorate in Durham, North Carolina, and Gloria earned her Master’s degree in Speech. Upon the completion of his law degree, Willie returned to Florida and reunited with Gloria. It wasn’t long before the childhood sweethearts decided to tie the knot. As the two set afoot into the next chapter of their life, they decided to strive for success and create a far-reaching impact in the community. After Willie was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1974, he decided to establish his law firm. With the support of his wife, he kickstarted Martin County’s first African-American law firm.

As her husband’s biggest supporter, Gloria would work as a college professor throughout the day and contribute to the law firm at night. It wasn’t long before the couple’s back-breaking work earned them enough stock in real estate and markets. Not too later, Gloria decided to establish their family’s management firm, Gary Enterprises. The husband and wife’s foray into real estate earned them yet another stepping stone for ever-evolving success. As time progressed, the couple became parents and started running lucrative businesses. In 1995, Willie earned international recognition when he managed to land one of the largest jury verdicts in the history of the United States judiciary. By getting a $500 million settlement in damages, the couple managed to achieve several aspects of their dreams.

With consistent growth in sight, the couple then decided to create The Gary Foundation and become philanthropists. Since its inception, the duo’s foundation has created scholarships that incentivize third-grade students to finish high school and attend college education. Espousing the values of Reverend Martin Luther King, the couple has continued to uplift others. They have also donated money to more than a dozen historically black colleges and universities. Not just this, as part of their appreciation, the family has even given $10 million to Shaw University, their Alma Mater.

Willie Gary Has 4 Sons

Albeit keeping a low profile, the couple’s work speaks for themselves. For their endless devotion to helping others, Gloria has even earned an honorary doctorate from Shaw University and two additional honorary doctorates for her consistent contributions to uplifting the lives of young children. Her endless strive for greatness has been recorded in Kitty J Pope’s book, ‘Besides Every Great Man…is a Great Woman.’ In addition to working to uplift others, the family has made several milestones personally as well. Willie and Gloria have welcomed four sons – Kenneth, Sekou, Ali, and Kobie. Like their parents, the four children have also climbed the ladder of success.

The couple’s eldest, Kenneth, is now the President and CEO of The Gary Foundation and Gary Enterprises. Sekou is a lawyer and has even made a partner at The Gary Group. Ali has earned a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and now manages the operational overload of The Gary Foundation as Vice President. Finally, the couple’s youngest, Kobie, also shares in his father’s aspirations and has kickstarted his journey in law. Besides enjoying over fifty years of companionship together, Willie and Gloria also enjoy their life’s work with their children and grandchildren.

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