Windfall Ending, Explained: Why Does the Wife Kill [Spoiler]?

Nothing goes as planned in Charlie McDowell’s indie home invasion movie ‘Windfall.’ A burglar named Nobody has broken into the vacation house of a teach industry tycoon, hoping to find the secret stash. Meanwhile, the CEO and Wife arrive for a spontaneous retreat at the chalet. After grabbing the expensive Rolex watch that belongs to the CEO, Nobody is about to run away.

However, the problem arises when the Wife discovers Nobody, and now he cannot let them leave. The bragging CEO bares open his secret stash, but Nobody comes to realize that he can squeeze more with a little more effort. In essence, Nobody is a thief of principles, but Nobody does not hesitate to raise hell with a gun in his stride. Although, he does not seem like a killer.

Windfall‘ suggests that no one is a criminal until the circumstances arise. With a shoestring budget, the film creates an enticing ambiance with the help of its dynamic cast ensemble and a taut script. However, you may want to know what goes down in the shocking final minutes. In that case, let us indulge. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Windfall Plot Synopsis

A burglar (called Nobody) seems to be having a good time at a vacation home in the middle of an orange grove. He takes a leak in the bathroom, breaks a glass, and spends time by the pool. After inspecting the cupboard and drawers, he finds an expensive Rolex watch and a gun. Meanwhile, the arrogant CEO, the property owner, reaches the scene with his Wife, hoping to spend some time in isolation. While Nobody finds some dough in the office, the CEO and Wife walk through the front door.

The CEO nags about there not being flowers, although he asked April, his assistant, specifically for some flowery decoration. While exploring the house, the Wife catches a glimpse of Nobody, and from there, the story takes a southward turn. The CEO wants to alleviate the situation, promising to reward Nobody with a secret stash hidden in the kitchen. The burglary is only a scratch in the wealth of the billionaire businessman, and he is happy to help the man out.

With ten to fifteen thousand dollars worth of money, watch, and jewelry in his pocket, Nobody makes a run. While CEO and Wife agree to comply, Nobody cannot trust them. Therefore, locking them in the sauna, Nobody gets to his car, but he discovers a security camera in the nick of time. By the time he returns to the house, the CEO and Wife have fled their captivity (since Nobody forgot to lock the sauna door). Nobody realizes that he can squeeze more from the billionaire, while the CEO asks his Wife to seduce Nobody. With the arrival of the Gardener on the scene, the story veers further off the cliff.

Windfall Ending: Why Does the Wife Kill Nobody?

Nobody seems like a person who would not hurt a fly. However, life has seemingly cornered him in a position where he would be desperate enough to pull off the robbery. The CEO deduces that Nobody worked in one of the multitudes of companies the CEO owns. Towards the end of the story, Nobody seconds the CEO’s suspicion — he was possibly an employee who was laid off under constrained circumstances. With enough calm and composure, Nobody almost pulls off the robbery.

The CEO and Nobody agree upon a number, and Nobody decides half a million as the ransom money. Seemingly, the CEO’s ex-partner (for lack of a better term) Debbie, fell into a similar problem. Thus, the CEO’s assistant, April, gathers the money on such short notice. Meanwhile, as an escape plan, the CEO asks the Wife to seduce Nobody. The seduction does not amount to anything, except for an increased amount of hatred in the Wife’s mind for the CEO. Nobody is particularly interested in the erased tattoo on the Wife’s feet.

The money arrives late on the second day. Nobody attempts to flee the scene with the money, while the CEO and Wife remain tied to the chair. The Wife shares with Nobody that the tattoo on her foot was of a rose and that she loved it. The suggestion is that she had to get rid of the tattoo because of her overbearing husband.

However, Nobody cannot care less. He even walks to the CEO to divulge that his Wife had birth control pills in her purse. According to Nobody’s reading of the situation, the Wife has cheated on the CEO. While the birth control pills in her bag do not automatically make the Wife a cheater, her hatred for her husband is apparent. Maybe she wants to flee with Nobody, leaving her husband, which would give her freedom and possibly a cut from half a million dollars. Nobody wants to keep it all for himself, but the Wife has secured a piece of glass from the accident involving the Gardener. She frees herself, picks up the weird-looking showpiece, and smashes it on Nobody’s head until he dies. Nobody dies for sure, but what about the CEO?

Is The CEO Dead? Why Does the Wife Kill Him?

After killing Nobody in cold blood, the Wife enters back in the room, heading to the kitchen where her husband is still tied. The CEO is ecstatic at his Wife’s achievement since he did not expect the seemingly empathetic Wife to pull off a murder. Now, the CEO expects his Wife to untie him so that they can happily go back home. However, a final shock awaits him. The Wife points the gun at him. As the CEO asks, “Are you gonna shoot me?” the Wife puts three bullets in him. We initially think Nobody would assail the CEO, but the unexpected turn of events makes us drop our jaw.

The CEO has a controlling and manipulative demeanor. Initially, he is calm but plays a big part in the story’s escalation. While the CEO is with the wife, she has only one identity: the “Wife.” She may also be abhorrent of Debbie’s absent presence, as she may have had to face comparisons. While asking for money from his assistant, the CEO says that they are in a “Debbie” situation.

Moreover, she feels like a changed person while in the marriage, always obedient to her husband’s whims. The rose tattoo may be one of the examples of the discarding of her past. Although, Nobody reminds her that she has made a treaty. In the course of the story, she comes to see the gendered picture, and one can say that she is fed up with women being victims in similar movies. Therefore, she regains control of the story and emerges the final killer.

The CEO dies in the process of the Wife’s self-discovery, and the Wife makes it look like Nobody did it. Covering all the leads, the Wife walks out into the darkness with the money. She is finally free from the clutches of men — be it a nagging husband or a burglar with trust issues.

However, as darkness engulfs her vision, we are unsure whether she manages to escape the police and reach safety. Nobody’s death remains unaccounted for. Thus, there remains a slight chance that the police will catch her, especially with her fingerprints over the ivory showpiece. However, as she has all the money, we figure that she may travel to another country.

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