Wolf Hudson: Where is the Porn Performer Now?

Although ‘Money Shot: The Pornhub Story’ paints a rather dire picture of the adult industry with its accusations of abuse and trafficking, it even counters it by exploring the meaning of real sex work. After all, this Netflix original features interviews with not just abuse activists, porn historians, news journalists, and critical moderators but also off-camera professionals as well as active performers. Amongst them was actually none other than the “King of Bisexual Porn,” Wolf Hudson — so now, if you wish to learn more about him and his current standing, we’ve got the details for you.

Who is Wolf Hudson?

Born on November 24, 1984, into a devout Catholic household of African, European, and Indigenous descent Dominicans, Wolf admittedly had a sheltered upbringing despite being in New York. He was actually one of five, but the order for every sibling was to attend school, return straight home, study a little, and watch TV, with there being absolutely no leeway for hangouts or parties. The youngster hence found himself stepping into the world of creative entertainment, only to fall in love with dance — jazz, modern, hip-hop, or salsa; the form didn’t matter as he excelled in it all.

Though the truth is the dance academy graduate soon ended up serving as a bookkeeper at a button factory in the Bronx since he was unable to land any good professional gigs during tough times. However, things truly changed for Wolf in 2006 as he also got laid off following a merger, leading him to find an opening for a gangbang shoot on Craigslist while looking up potential job opportunities. “I figured, ‘Why not?’,” he once candidly revealed before adding, “It was fun, and I was pretty good at it, so after the shoot, I entertained the idea of having a full-time career in porn.”

Wolf actually relocated to San Francisco in 2007 to evolve into a full-fledged explicit performer upon completing a few small shoots, only to successfully move to Los Angeles a couple of years later. Things definitely weren’t easy for him despite the fact he was able to build and maintain several connections in the industry, especially once he switched from straight to gay porn for better wages. He’d kept the same stage name of Wolf Hudson for both because he wanted to show it was all him, and he wasn’t ashamed of being bisexual, but it later hurt his straight work prospects a lot.

“[When] I wanted to go back to doing straight,” Wolf said, “I was basically universally told, ‘No, you can’t really do that. No one’s going to work with you because you’ve done [gay].’ And the big thing about that is the fear of HIV.” He genuinely loved his job, yet this setback, some of his failures, as well as the politics of studio shoots made things very undesirable for him, driving him to decide he couldn’t do it anymore in 2016. Wolf thus quit, just to make a comeback two years later by complete fluke after giving in to some friends asking to film with him — the bi videos did well, making him realize he could return.

Wolf Hudson is Thriving as a Content Creator

Wolf only claimed the bisexual label publicly without worries following his comeback since he realized there was finally an industry acceptance for people like him, resulting in his popularity skyrocketing. The fact he’s extremely active on social media, doesn’t hesitate to interact with fans, and is quite politically vocal regarding porn’s inner workings as well as other matters even plays a role in this. He knows there is a desperate need for erotic sites to have proper regulations, but shutting them down doesn’t make sense to him, as the people who want to engage in illicit acts will likely find another way to do so; plus, he obviously doesn’t want his livelihood stolen.

Coming to his current standing, from what we can tell, Wolf continues to reside in California alongside his adorable pets, from where he still serves as a content creator/studio actor on OnlyFans and Pornhub. Yet his ultimate goal now is to expand his brand and launch his own studio that exclusively produces bisexual videos — the first of its kind — as ethically, fairly, and positively as possible.

“I want bi male porn stars to start getting paid fairly,” he once penned. “As of now, they get paid less than both gay porn stars and bi female porn stars. I also want to create an ethical studio that doesn’t perpetuate racist tropes and shows authentic bisexual porn.” He further said, “I will give proper representation to bisexuality; I will give representation to people of color… And also, I want to change the culture of the genre make it fair for everyone. I want to be a leader in showing that yes, you can be ethical. You can pay people properly. You can make it a comfortable environment.”

Wolf hence maintains, “At the end of the day, I love what I do. I love being bi. And I love being this person who’s able to show that bi male sexuality is real, valid, and f**king sexy.” Moreover, he states, “We tend to look at porn as not being something that’s good in this world, as something you can easily brush aside. But on a sociological level, it does have major significance. What it does for people can be monumental.”

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