Work It Ending, Explained

Netflix’s ‘Work It’ is a dance movie that follows the story of a girl who can’t dance. The film has the protagonist start from scratch when it comes to dancing, and face off against the humungous task of winning a dance competition with her ragtag crew. With a charming tone, some fun dance sequences, and great songs, the film keeps us interested in her journey. By the end, we see great growth in her character, and this is when the film leaves us with a burning question about her future. If you haven’t seen the film yet, head over to Netflix. SPOILERS AHEAD

Plot Summary

Quinn Ackerman wants to get admission into Duke University. She has tried her best to keep up her grades while also engaging in as much extra-curricular as possible to make her college application airtight. However, it is brought to her attention that she is not offering anything new when compared to other applicants. She doesn’t have an extra edge that makes her stand apart from all other hard-working, shut-in students who have always wanted to get into Duke. To revitalize her application with a new twist, Quinn decides to join the dance team at school to participate in the Work It competition.

The problem now is that Quinn is very bad at dancing. With some help from her best friend, Jas, she is able to let loose her limbs and displays some potential. However, that is not enough for her to become a part of the Thunderbirds. She does not take the rejection as a deterrent but receives it as a challenge to create her own team.

The Ending

After she realizes that she doesn’t need to perform in the Work It competition, Quinn rescinds her involvement with the team. She needs to focus on her grades that have fallen a lot over the course of the past few months. This leads to a crack in TBD and the group disperses. However, she eventually comes around when she discovers that she has developed a flair for dancing. She has found her beat where she is not afraid to express herself through dance anymore. This leads her back to TBD and the team gets back in action.

On the day of the competition, Quinn’s mother discovers that she has been dancing behind her back and tries to stop her from leaving the house. However, she manages to wriggle out and hurries to meet her team. Meanwhile, her dance team moves on to the stage, following an incredible act by the Thunderbirds. In Quinn’s absence, Jake joins the team on the dance floor and once she arrives, the act comes together beautifully. To their surprise, they win the competition. Quinn’s mother also comes around to approve of her daughter’s newfound passion for dance after she sees how passionate Quinn is about it.

After the performance, more good news pours in for the team. It turns out that Jas was right in anticipating that people from prestigious dance academies would be present in the audience. She is approached by a woman from the dance school in New York, who offers a position to Jas at the college. The same woman also reaches out to Isaiah, who has given up the title of Juilliard following the rejection from the academy. A surprise also comes for Quinn who is visited by the interviewer from Duke University. After she had been let go from Duke, which completely flipped the plans that Quinn had made in order to impress her, she has found a new position at NYU. She offers Quinn to consider that as an option apart from Duke.

While all ends well for everyone, the question remains for Quinn, will she continue to work for Duke or will she change her plans and look towards NYU to create a future for herself? Had this happened before she fell in love with dancing, Quinn would surely have rejected the idea of going to NYU. She has had her heart set on Duke since her father died. Over time, it has morphed into something that she thinks she just has to do, not wondering whether she really wants it or not.

However, through dancing, she has tapped into a different side of herself. She has discovered that she had shut herself inside a box for so long that she didn’t even realize that it was all about getting out of it. She knows now that she doesn’t have to do something just because it has already been laid down for her career. She is allowed to have some fun, and she is allowed to change her mind. All this time, in trying to get admission into Duke, she had been trying to fit into the routine of her father, never exploring the options for herself. She had been working way too hard to learn the steps of the dance when she could simply freestyle it.

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